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Serving Hamilton, Burlington and Brantford for over 15 years! Expert Garage Door Repair and Installation Services.

Locally owned

We’re a locally owned and operated business serving the Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford areas in Canada with all garage door repair and maintenance needs.

trained engineers

All of our seasoned engineers are not only trained to a remarkably high standard in maintenance, but each and every one of us loves to serve our customers. We want our customers to have high expectations of us, and for us to deliver those expectations. Every single time.

leaders in the field

We’re leaders in the area for garage door repairs and installation for a reason. We have high satisfaction rates with every job we do, including great pricing and the job done well and FAST.

Our top rated services

Garage Door Track
Adjustment & Replacement

Often overlooked but absolutely essential for a fully functioning garage. We’ll take care of it, give us a call.

Garage Door Springs

Springs are very niggly and are difficult to replace. We highly recommend giving us a call!

Garage Door Rollers,
Hinges & Sensors Repair

If your garage door isn’t opening as it usually does automatically, it could be a blocked sensor eye.

Garage Door Opener

If your garage door doesn’t open at all, or doesn’t open all the way, chances are your openers need looking at.

Garage Door
Installation & Replacement

Perhaps you’ve already got a new door, or perhaps you haven’t and need help choosing and choosing . We can do both!

Garage Door Cable

Damaged cables can be extremely hazardous. Call us immediately if you have a suspicion.

Garage Door Automatic
Opener Repair

This could be a number of problems. Thankfully, we’ve seen hundreds. We’ll know what to do.

Commercial Garage
Door Repair

Residential or commercial, we’ve got you covered. We have years of experience at big or small properties.


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    Why are we the best?
    There’s several reasons.

    As long as you’re in Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford, then no matter what time of day, we’ll get to you - and fast.

    All of our engineers are up to spec with the latest and greatest equipment so that we can provide you with the best service possible.

    Garage door repair and maintenance is what we do. It’s our craft. Our engineers have years of experience - we know what we’re doing.

    We don’t need day after day to get the job done. We get it done efficiently, but we also get it done right - the first time.


    Check Out What Clients Are Saying About Us

    Super fast and efficient purchase and installation. Friendly, courteous service from beginning to end. Would recommend doing business with them highly.
    Paul Jeremy


    We needed just a tune up on our garage door. It was only about a year and half old, but also one of our sensors was not working properly. The original company that installed our new garage door wanted to charge a fee to come out , another fee for the tune up , and then told us that possible 3rd fee if they could find anything else wrong. I thought this was ridiculous. I wanted to try a different company. I called Brigs, they came out the same day, tuned our door and fixed our sensors with no additional fee's for the sensors which they could of charged us. They were very knowledgeable and kind. We were very impressed and we plan on using them for future needs on our door!
    John Mccally


    I called 30 minutes before closing was told they would be here between 9-10 the next morning but he would call first. He called and told me he would be here in 25 minutes arrived on time very knowledgeable of what he was doing. Found an additional problem had every fixed in less than an hour. Price was unbelievably fair . I highly recommend this company.
    Kendra Wilbanks


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    What are we all about

    Brigs is a locally owned company based in Canada, operating in the Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford areas.

    Through decades of experience in all aspects, we aim to provide our clients with impeccable service across the board.

    At Brigs Garage doors, we value our commitment to serving our community in the best way possible through excellent service and, most importantly, affordable rates.

    From your initial phone query to one of our team right through to seeing the job completed, we want you to have an amazing customer journey that is truly trouble-free.

    So go ahead, give one of our friendly team a call and they’ll be more than happy to assist.

    Brigs Garage Door Repair and Installation

    A garage door is one of the essential parts of a home. 

    It gives you the convenience of home entry with just a push of a button and gives your home’s curb appeal a boost. 

    It provides safety for our properties, shielding them from theft and other elements that may cause them damage.

    However, after years of depreciation on door mechanisms, most garage doors become weakened, resulting in often serious damages to the door, springs, track, and other openers.

    A faulty garage door may taint your home’s appearance and significantly reduce its value if you plan on selling it in the future.

    If the damage to your garage door is tolerable, you may consider a local garage door repair in Hamilton to do a repair. 

    Untreated, minor damages can worsen over time, and if the damage becomes severe, replacement may be necessary.

    The thought of garage door replacements may be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. 

    At present, most garage doors come in a variety of styles that suit a multitude of home styles, as well as a diverse choice of materials, like aluminum, polyurethane, and steel. 

    There are also those that offer additional features to increase durability, insulation, and security.

    There are many styles to fit the garage door of your choice, and Brigs Garage Door Repair and Installation to assist you with your garage door installation and replacement.

    Five Signs Your Garage Door Needs Replacement

    If you’re unsure of when you need a replacement, below are five signs to help you.

    Damaged Panels

    Consider having a garage door replacement if multiple door panels are damaged.

    It is easier to deal with several broken or rotting panels with a repair than by attempting to patch the significant structural damage. 

    This problem can also cause an unequal distribution of weight, putting too much extra stress on your garage door.

    Noisy Garage Door

    When your garage door shows excessive vibration, and you hear loud noises when you operate it, this could mean that you may have to replace your doors already. 

    Broken hinges, springs, and bearings may cause uneven distribution of tension, putting too much pressure on the mechanical system of the panel.

    Multiple Damages Over Time

    If your door has been suffering from structural damage for a long time and you have been stalling repairs, there’s a big chance that you will now have to replace it now. 

    What seems like superficial damages may already be signs of serious wear and tear on the frame and its mechanical system.

    Aesthetics Purposes

    You can decide to have your door replaced for reasons of upgrading the appearance of your home.

    You can remodel and go for a different style, upgrade it to something more efficient, stylish, and inviting.

    These are great reasons to consider a practical yet high-quality garage door replacement.

    Increase Energy Efficiency

    If you’re planning on reducing your energy consumption, a garage door replacement may be a viable option. 

    You may consider replacing your door even if it is not seriously damaged to increase energy efficiency. 

    Insulation may be an issue with older garage doors. 

    The unwanted heat and drafts which significantly contribute to your energy bills may result from poor insulation. 

    Replacing your garage door with one that provides better seals and insulating panels made of polyurethane is a great option.

    You will see the big difference in your energy bills once you choose panels with tighter seals for better insulation and other energy-efficient mechanisms. 

    Garage door replacement and installation may be tiresome and hazardous when done incorrectly.

    Book an appointment with Brigs Garage Door Repair and Installation and get the best services for your home now!

    What Type of Garage Door Do I Want?

    There are a variety of options for your garage door replacement, depending on what you need and the style you want. 

    To minimize rust build-up on your panels, a galvanized steel door is a great option.

    A glass-and-aluminum panel gives way for natural light to come through, giving your home a comforting glow.

    A composite door with a metal interior, wood finish is a great option if you enjoy the feel of antique wooden doors but would like it to be more sturdy.

    If you’re looking at that beautiful, handcrafted wooden door that will surely improve your home’s aesthetics and amplify the classic warmth of the wood of your choice.

    Whether it’s hemlock, redwood, or cedar, a composite car door can be the perfect design for you, providing a traditional rustic feel to just about any home.

    A garage door replacement may feel overwhelming, but it can give you long-term benefits, increasing your home’s value if you ever think about selling the house. 

    It also enhances the home’s appearance, letting you channel your style onto one of the most used parts of your house.

    If you’re living in Hamilton, in Burlington, or in Brantford and want a garage door replacement and installation, contact Brigs Garage Door Repair and Installation for quality services at very affordable rates.

    We are guaranteed to make your garage door replacement and installation experience a pleasing and satisfying one.

    Call us now and have the garage door of your dreams right on your doorstep!