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    Garage Door Off Track Repair

    We’ve all experienced our garage doors not closing down and moving unevenly, right?

    You should know that these problems with the garage door should not be fixed by yourself to prevent bad situations from happening.

    Even worse, you might risk yourself and your family to injuries and accidents.

    Once there is a problem with your garage door, it’s time to get it checked by a garage door repair.

    If you’re looking for a reputable one, Brigs Garage Doors is the best choice.

    Call us, and we’ll find the cause with your garage door getting off-track!

    Meanwhile, you can also read this guide to know what causes the door to get off-track and the different garage door off track repairs.

    Reasons Why a Garage Door Comes Off-Track

    There are different ways that a garage door gets damaged, especially if it’s getting off-track.

    Hence, we have rounded up the common reasons why it gets off-track.

    1. Rollers are in Poor Condition

    Rollers enable the garage door to move quickly and smoothly.

    However, when it’s worn out or has come-off completely, it will cause the door to go off track.

    Rollers are located along the tracks, and it’s no wonder when it breaks or falls off, it will cause misalignment to the door’s movement.

    2. Bearings are Worn-Out

    Another reason for a garage door coming off track is because of a worn-out bearing located at the top of the track.

    When it gets damaged, it might stop turning, which leads to the cable falling off.

    3. Springs are Damaged

    Once the springs break, it will be difficult for you to lift the door since it won’t release tension as it used to.

    A broken spring is problematic and can be dangerous to deal with.

    4. Doors are Damaged

    If the garage door panel breaks at the top or bottom edge part, it can cause the door to go off track.

    While you might think the cosmetic damage won’t harm the operation, you’re wrong.

    What You Can Do

    When it comes to garage doors getting off track, there are things that you can do by yourself and by a professional.

    With this, we’ve listed the things you can do before it gets out of hand.

    These are the different DIY garage door off track repairs you can do:

    1. Align the Tracks

    The most obvious way to repair your track is to adjust it to proper alignment.

    If the tracks do not have damage and are working correctly, you can align the tracks back in place.

    First, use a level for proper alignment.

    The horizontal tracks should be in an angled position towards the back portion of the door and are precisely leveled.

    To align them, loosen up the brackets, hold the rollers in place and tap them until the door is aligned.

    2. Check the Rollers

    As mentioned above, bad rollers can lead to off-track garage doors.

    First, you need to check the rollers if they are dirty.

    Dirty rollers can disturb the operation of the rollers, which might affect the door’s alignment.

    With this, clean them as you would usually do when cleaning dirty equipment.

    Use a towel with a soap solution or a brush to remove the stubborn dirt and grime.

    If you find your roller rusted, apply lubrication to prevent it from causing grinding noise and getting the door off-track.

    Rollers respond well to silicone-based lubricant, which you can buy from any hardware store near you.

    However, if the rollers are damaged beyond repair, it’s time to replace them.

    You can call a garage door repair to do it for you.

    3. Fix the Damaged Parts

    Damaged springs, cables, and bearings can lead to off-track doors.

    Hinges, screws, and bolts can also be the culprit.

    When it comes to your garage door, check the condition of all the moving parts for signs of damage and wear.

    If the hardware parts are loose, tighten them up.

    However, when it’s damaged, it’s time to replace them with new ones.

    It’s best to leave the replacement to a garage door repair service in Hamilton.

    Count on Brigs Garage Doors!

    If there are still no changes after doing the different garage door off track repairs above, it’s time to call Brigs Garage Doors to fix it for you.

    You might have done the procedure above wrong, or there must be a significant underlying issue going on with your garage door.

    Call us now! We’ll solve your off-track garage door in no time!

    We provide residential and commercial garage door repairs in Hamilton!

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