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    Garage door cables provide the lifting support for the door panels.

    Whereas rollers help move the panels smoothly, the cables lift the door panels along the tracks.

    It’s essential to have door cables that don’t have any concerns or issues.

    Unadjusted cables can result in some of the most common issues with the doors to your garage.

    First, have you ever seen a garage door with one side hanging higher while one side sags within the door jambs of the garage?

    Cables have a high stored force that keeps the door in place.

    Unequal amounts of cable tension lead to loose cables that weaken the support for the door.

    Second, cable lengths tend to become loose or knotted around the drum.

    Snapping cables can come from fraying cable lengths.

    As the cable lengths circle around the cable drum, the entire cable weakens over time.

    Adjust the cables from time to time, so you have equal cables providing the same support on both sides.

    Learn how to adjust garage door cables to lift the doors evenly on both sides of the door.

    The adjustment doesn’t only serve as a way to repair the condition of the cables.

    It serves as your inspection of the cables.

    You never know when you need to replace the cables until emergencies happen.

    Steps for cable adjustment

    Knowing how to adjust garage door cables can come in handy for you.

    Learn some steps so you can do the job during your free time.

    However, if you don’t have the time, we offer our adjustment service to you.

    We are Brigs Garage Doors, and we provide our professional services in town for all garage owners.

    Step 1: Open the garage manually

    Turn off the opener inside the garage so it doesn’t turn on accidentally during the adjustment.

    Disconnect the door from the opener.

    Pull the emergency release cord, which disengages the connection of the door panel to the opener.

    This allows for a manual opening of the garage.

    Lift the doors manually along the tracks to release the cable tension and lock it in place using c-clamps.

    Step 2: Rewind the cable around the drum

    The cable has two ends inside the mechanism of the doors inside the garage.

    The first end attaches to the bottom roller of the lowest door panel.

    The cable goes around the cable drum from the bottom roller.

    Rewind the cable inside the cable drum carefully.

    Do this tightly and align the cable as you rewind it around the drum.

    Step 3: Tighten the cables within the bracket

    After winding the cable around the drum, it’s time to put the other end back to its bracket.

    Pull the other end of the cable in the bracket hole.

    Make sure to tighten the cable as you pull it through the bracket.

    There should be no loose ends or sagging points on the cable length.

    Guarantee that enough tension is in the cable, from the bottom roller to the cable drum until its holding bracket.

    Step 4: Readjust the cable bracket

    If the current position of the holding bracket doesn’t provide enough tension, readjust it.

    The bracket falls into one of the holes in the frame.

    Reposition the bracket along the frame.

    Secure the bracket properly in its new slot.

    The cable should have no loose parts along its length, starting from the bottom roller.

    Step 5: Check your adjustment

    Reconnect the garage door to the opener and clear the path of the door tracks.

    Test your adjustment by opening the garage.

    There should be no hanging sides or uneven door panels.

    Also, check for some door gaps.

    Properly adjusted door cables don’t result in significant gaps from the bottom part of the door panel to the floor.

    Book a job with Brigs Garage Doors for your garage door cables

    Brigs Garage Doors is here to give your door cable adjustment service.

    If you need additional help and assistance for an efficient adjustment, we are around Hamilton.

    Cable adjustments are hazardous and sensitive tasks inside the garage.

    Snapping cables can lead to accidents and emergencies.

    Because of this, we want to offer our professional services to help you achieve the proper tensions in the cable lengths.

    There’s no reason to compromise the state of your garage by keeping the door support loose.

    In addition, we offer garage door repair in Hamilton for other parts as well.

    If you ever decide to get new doors that lead to your garage, we also provide our garage door installation in Hamilton.

    Contact our team for more inquiries and concerns.

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