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    How to adjust garage door opener

    A garage door motor is the central motor of the garage door.

    When you use the remote control to open the garage door, it’s the opener responsible for an automatic door.

    A garage door opener is so common in garages that you will rarely check it unless there are issues.

    Since it’s on top of the garage, you rarely see it in action.

    The truth is, you need to adjust the garage door opener to make sure it’s perfectly set.

    The garage door opener makes things more automated for the other moving parts.

    You need to configure the settings from time to time to keep it in sync with other parts seamlessly.

    The garage door opener has limit switches.

    The limit switches are knobs that you can turn clockwise and counterclockwise.

    Take a look at the knobs, so you know how to adjust the garage door opener.

    There are two adjustments you can make to the garage door opener.

    First, you can adjust the height limit where the garage door opens and closes.

    Second, you can change the force the door descends and ascends.

    Adjusting the travel limit switch

    First, you need to climb on top of a ladder.

    Locate the force adjustment knobs on the garage door motor.

    You will see it in the labels UP and DOWN.

    To increase the up travel limit, turn the knob clockwise.

    Each turn roughly gives 5 cm more ascendance to the garage door.

    To decrease the up limit by 5 cm, turn the knob counterclockwise.

    Set the down travel limit and do the same to increase or decrease the limits.

    Adjusting the force on the garage door

    It’s time to adjust the force on the garage door.

    Find the force adjustment screws on the garage door opener.

    Using a flathead screw, turn the knobs left or right depending on how much force you want.

    Upward force

    Turn the knob clockwise to increase the force that carries the garage door.

    If your garage door opener lacks in force, the garage door won’t open more than five feet from the ground.

    Turn the knob counterclockwise to decrease the force of the garage door.

    The force adjustment increases the sensitivity to stop the garage door when you want to hold it up.

    Downward force

    Turn the knob clockwise to increase the force that descends the garage door on the ground.

    A lack of force forces the garage door to be too sensitive and triggers the auto reversal feature.

    Turn the knob counterclockwise to decrease and trigger the proper auto reversal mechanism.

    If the door doesn’t reverse upon contact of obstruction, it can be unsafe for the pathway of the garage door.

    Why you should adjust the garage door opener

    The limit switch sets the opener’s motor to stop running when the garage door reaches the set limit.

    Setting the proper travel limit lessens unnecessary gaps and half-hanging garage doors.

    The garage door opener also has sensitivity aspects that affect the force on the garage door.

    Adjusting the force lessens issues to the roller tracks and the mechanism of the garage door.

    If you set the knob more than the required force, you run the risk of damaging the door by adding too much force.

    If you do the reverse and keep it too sensitive, it may trigger the auto-reverse mechanism.

    The reversal mechanism is an additional safety measure for the garage.

    Does your garage door opener still trigger an automatic reverse mechanism? Give us a call to adjust your opener correctly.

    We are Brigs Garage Doors, and we offer professional garage door services.

    Garage door openers can be tricky to work around.

    You need to measure the sensitivity of the sensors.

    The appropriate amount of force that helps carries and lowers your garage door is important too.

    The wrong force and travel limit can cause issues to your other garage door parts.

    The last thing that should worry you is a garage door that goes beyond its track limits.

    You wouldn’t want any of your kids running below a descending garage door that isn’t sensitive to possible obstructions.

    We understand your concerns, and we are always open to help you.

    Give us a call for your garage door adjustment needs.

    We know how to adjust your garage door to perfection.

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