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    How to Adjust Garage Door Tracks

    Check Out This Track Alignment Video For Smooth a Operation

    All parts of the garage door are essential.

    One damage or mishap to a single part can affect the function of the garage door as a whole.

    For example, a misaligned garage door track makes for a difficulty to use the garage door.

    The function of a garage door track is to guide the garage door in a particular direction.

    Both sides of the garage door have a track that allows rollers to roll the door upward or downward.

    It must be well adjusted and perfectly aligned all the time.

    The method on how to adjust garage door tracks is simple.

    However, it requires accurate work and undivided attention.

    You wouldn’t want to put your garage door in harm by having loose parts in the track.

    There are three ways you can adjust the tracks.

    Your goal is to have a garage door that slides on the tracks as smoothly as possible.

    Track adjustment to the rollers

    Garage door tracks are secured to the door frame via brackets.

    The brackets contain slots with track bolts that you can loosen to move the track around.

    A track that’s very close to the door can cause a binding garage door.

    1. Loosen some bolts so you can provide space for the tracks to move around.

    2. Make space from the edge of the door to the tracks.

    There should be enough space to allow for smooth roller movements.

    3. Roll the garage door slightly and check if the mechanism is smooth enough in the loosened track.

    4. If you find that the gap between the door and the tracks is optimal, tighten back the bolts to the brackets.

    The adjustments of the tracks and door roller should give enough room.

    The mechanism of the door involves a lot of movement.

    If there isn’t enough space, you won’t be able to move the door smoothly.

    Track adjustment to the weatherstrip

    A weatherstrip acts as extra protection for the garage.

    Its function is to keep any rainwater out of the garage.

    It’s the seal between gaps that are present in the door frame.

    1. Adjust the track to the weatherstrip by loosening the bolts in the slots.

    It allows you to position a loose track properly against the frame.

    2. Spot all the other areas where light or draft of cold air is coming in.

    Repeat the process with all other bolts until there isn’t any gap anymore.

    3. Check the position of the roller in the tracks as well.

    Ensure that the rollers are snug and smooth inside the tracks.

    Then, bolt the track closer to the weather stripping.

    It’s essential to keep the seals functional.

    You wouldn’t want any cold wind or dirt build-up because of gaps with the weather stripping.

    Overhead track adjustment

    Sometimes, the vertical tracks are perfect and in good working condition for the rollers.

    The overhead tracks are the ones that need the adjustment.

    Make sure that the wall track and the overhead track have the same distance from the garage door.

    1. Close the garage door completely.

    Disconnect it from the garage door opener from the door to guarantee safety.

    2. Loosen the bolts that hold the overhead track in place.

    You will need to loosen it to reposition the overhead track along the wall track.

    3. Position the track away or closer to the garage door as you see fit and tighten the bolts after.

    Make sure that the distance is optimal so you won’t have a falling garage door.

    Adjust the overhead to make sure that you won’t experience a jam halfway up.

    Make sure to adjust carefully since you are doing this by going on top of a ladder.

    Don’t move the overhead track too far, or else you put the garage door at risk.

    Do you need help with your garage door track adjustments? We are available to help you with the job.

    It’s always budget saving to do things DIY.

    An adjustment may not be a simple feat for you.

    If you find yourself having difficulties with track adjustment, contact us.

    We are available to give you the adjustment services that you need.

    Your garage door track needs fine-tuning too.

    We know how to adjust garage door tracks professionally.

    We are Brigs Garage Doors, and we can help you with your tracks.

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