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    How to align garage door sensors chamberlain

    Garage door sensors have the function of detecting the pathway.

    It is also commonly known as photo eyes or photoelectric sensors.

    May it be a moving box or your lovely pet staying beneath the heavy doors; any disruption will reverse the door.

    Unless the opposing sensor receives the light, the garage door stays on top.

    Protective measures ensure the garage door doesn’t damage and harm the garage.

    You might wonder, are garage door sensors required for all garage doors?

    The answer is YES.

    Garage door sensors bank on its alignment for full functional features.

    Take the time to check and inspect the alignment of the garage door sensors.

    Misaligned sensors won’t work and deliver its function in the garage.

    Instead, it will likely cause problems in detecting blockages in the path.

    Instead of making your garage safer, it serves as a dysfunctional part of the garage.

    Steps for sensor alignment

    Check the garage door sensors from time to time.

    For alignment problems, there are simple ways on how to align garage door sensors chamberlain.

    Do the following steps to align the Chamberlain garage door sensors in your garage.

    STEP 1: Find the garage door sensors

    Before you start with the alignment, find the garage door sensors first.

    They’re usually at the bottom of the garage door tracks, about half a foot high from the ground.

    The issue happens when they are not on the same height on both sides, which causes misalignment.

    STEP 2: Loosen the sensors from their place

    Take the screwdriver or the wrench and loosen the bolt and nut in its slot in the garage door track.

    Align the sensors in place and make sure that sensors are facing each other.

    Sometimes, with too much movement over time, they tend to move around.

    STEP 3: Check the light beam

    When you align the sensors, the beam of light should shine properly.

    The sensor’s light should glow steadily.

    Misaligned sensors won’t have a steady beam of light; instead, they will have flashing lights or no light at all.

    STEP 4: Clean the garage door sensor

    Sometimes the garage door sensors are perfectly aligned, but they still don’t work.

    Get a piece of cloth and clean the surface of the photo eyes.

    If the photo eyes are dirty, it will have a hard time detecting the beam from the other photo eye.

    STEP 5: Check with the garage door opener

    Once the sensors detect each other and emit a steady beam, the opener should work well.

    Check the garage door opener in the headroom.

    A sensor that isn’t in place can cause you an unworking garage door.

    STEP 6: Test the remote or wall switch

    Test if the garage door sensors are working.

    Control the garage door using its remote control or wall switch.

    Try putting a box to see if the photo eye detects it and causes the garage door to auto reverse.

    It’s a simple task knowing how to align garage door sensors chamberlain.

    You’ll need to do it from time to time.

    If this doesn’t happen, repeat the process and try cleaning the photosensors properly.

    If it still doesn’t work, it’s the sensors that may be damaged or malfunction.

    Due to other forces or wearing out, the garage door sensors will also decline over time.

    When this happens, it’s best to contact your professionals.

    Install a new set of garage door sensors chamberlain and consider it an upgrade to your garage.

    Plan on upgrading your garage door sensors or giving a repair? We are available for appointments.

    Garage door sensors are essential safety measures in the garage.

    Since it works directly with the garage door opener, damage to the sensor can prompt your opener not to work.

    You’ll have to open your garage door manually each time.

    Count this as an urgent concern for your garage unless you don’t need to keep using your garage door.

    We are Brigs Garage Doors, and we offer alignment and repair services for the garage door sensors.

    We want to help you keep a safe space in your garage.

    With a heavy entry point to your home, it’s best to keep the area monitored 24/7.

    Please book an appointment with us for your garage door sensor concerns.

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