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    Unresponsive garage doors can cause a lot of annoyance and hassle.

    Driving up your driveway towards the garage and repeatedly pressing down the remote control without your doors opening up can waste your time.

    Reception problems are common in many door openers and remote control devices.

    You’re not the only one who experiences it.

    Most garage owners will experience it once in a while.

    Although the reception problems are not new, the cause may differ for each garage.

    Some areas naturally have lousy reception and have other various factors that cause interference.

    You don’t need to change the opener and the remote immediately.

    What you can do is find ways on how to improve garage door opener reception.

    If you still can’t change the state of the reception after that, consider calling us.

    We are Brigs Garage Doors, and we offer professional garage door services around town.

    Put in new batteries to the remote

    The simplest thing you can do is check the remote control device.

    First, check the buttons and the controls.

    If there are sagging buttons and loose parts in the remote, it means you have a damaged or worn-out remote.

    If there is nothing wrong, check for the battery life of the remote control.

    Often, the battery has died out and doesn’t power the device anymore.

    Most remote control devices last 3 to 5 years of constant use.

    Reprogram the remote control

    The next thing is to reprogram the remote control.

    There are times when the configuration of the remote needs a little tweaking or resetting to sync with the opener.

    This scenario is more common in old remotes or old openers.

    Consider it as a reset of the settings of the remote control.

    Most remotes have a LEARN button.

    That button teaches you how to reset the transmission codes sent to the receiver in the garage.

    Find devices that cause interference

    Many devices in your garage or inside your residence may be the culprit of the unresponsive remote.

    Newly installed electronic devices can disrupt the signal in the garage.

    Check out your televisions, surge protectors, and other devices as well.

    Devices like the LED and CFL light bulbs cause interference in the reception.

    When this happens, it’s best to change the bulbs.

    If you live in an area with satellite systems or communication towers, it’s likely that these cause signal disruptions too.

    Install antenna extensions in your garage

    You can access the garage from a farther distance and better ranges by installing antenna extensions

    Garage door owners already have antennas present on the property.

    These antennas come in different colors and hang in the vicinity of the garage.

    To get better reception, install extensions to the antenna.

    There are many affordable extension kits available online.

    When you install these extensions, make sure there are no interfering devices present in its scope.

    Change the garage door opener frequency

    Old garage door models work differently.

    The older models (those models made before 1993) respond in different frequencies.

    Reset that frequency by modifying the remote control.

    Go to your door opener and modify the switches of numbers for a new frequency.

    Match the pins in the door opener to the remote control.

    For openers without switches, use an external receiver to change and match the new frequency in both the opener and remote.

    Check the power system and wiring in the garage

    What if you did everything, but the reception is still at its worst?

    It’s time to check your home system as well.

    Inspect your power system and the wiring that leads to the opener and the wall switch.

    Faulty wiring and issues with power may be the cause of the bad reception.

    With this problem, you need to call electricians to work on your property.

    Don’t attempt to change anything in your power systems as electricity can cause danger in the garage.

    Keep in touch with Brigs Garage Doors and book a job with our professionals

    Before you call us for help, apply the ways on how to improve garage door opener reception.

    If things don’t improve, give our team a call.

    We are Brigs Garage Doors, and we offer garage door repairs in Hamilton.

    Stubborn garage doors and unresponsive remote control devices take away the ease and convenience of the garage.

    We give our professional services to you.

    We want to help you achieve a smooth garage door mechanism that automatically follows your commands.

    Keep your garage in the best condition.

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