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    In modern times, automation is king.

    Many devices and tools are available to make things easier every day.

    Almost all garage doors and innovations have automatic functions by default.

    However, what happens if some circumstances or instances need a manual operation?

    Imagine if you forgot the remote control device inside your home and you can’t open the garage.

    Another scenario is, you can’t command the damaged opener to lift the door panels even if you have pressed the buttons of the remote nonstop.

    These instances require you to do things on your own.

    Don’t worry, as the garage door also has this backup option in case of uncalled scenarios.

    Learn how to open the garage door manually from outside so you can access the garage without having to go inside your garage first.

    If you didn’t previously know about this, let this guide help you.

    It’s best to follow some methods in manually accessing the garage to lessen any impending damage.

    Emergency key release

    All door openers have emergency release cords that disengage the opener from the door panel.

    You can usually find this inside the garage as a red tag or red cord in the opener arm connecting to the top panel.

    However, if you’re outside, the equivalent is the emergency key release.

    Step 1: Locate the emergency key release in the panel

    Find the lock within the sectional panels of the garage.

    From the outside, it’s usually in the middle part of the top-most panel.

    The lock allows you access to the emergency release cable from within the garage.

    Step 2: Unlock the key release

    Unlock the lock using the given key in the tumbler.

    Turn the tumbler so you can pull out the lock or the keyhole.

    Then, pull out the emergency release cable.

    Step 3: Pull the emergency release cable

    Pull the cord from the lock tumbler opening.

    When you pull out the cord, this disengages the garage door from the opener.

    You can now open the garage manually.

    Step 4: Open the garage manually

    Lift the door panels along the tracks carefully.

    You may need to exert more effort to lift the doors as the opener isn’t there to bring it up.

    Now, you have an open garage from the outside.

    Step 5: Re-engage the opener to the door

    Don’t forget to reconnect the opener to the door panels.

    Put back the emergency release cord in place after closing the garage.

    Remember to put back the lock tumbler and the opening tumbler key within the top-most panel too.

    Wire hook

    The next thing you can do is create a hooked wire for a manual open.

    If you can’t find the lock tumbler with the turning key, you need to reach the emergency release cord inside the garage.

    Step 1: Find an opening in the panel

    Most door panels are sectional panels that connect to form a solid door slab that covers the garage.

    Look for a panel near the top part nearest to the opener.

    If you have a sectional window, try prying it open carefully.

    Step 2: Prepare a long wire hook

    Look for a long wire or buy a long wire.

    Form one end of the wire as a hook.

    You will use this to reach the emergency release cord.

    Step 3: Reach for the emergency release cord

    Insert the hooked wire in the opening.

    Try reaching for the emergency release cord.

    It’s usually along the door opener arm.

    Step 4: Pull the cord along the opener arm

    Pull the cord along the rail.

    The cord disengages the door opener from the door itself.

    The cord also disconnects the motor so that you can move the doors freely along the tracks.

    Step 5: Open the door manually

    Once you disconnect the motor, open the door manually.

    Remember to re-engage the emergency release cord and the door panel.

    Put back the sectional glass or panel that you pried open to access the garage.

    Call Brigs Garage Doors in case of garage emergency

    An inaccessible garage can pose issues for you.

    If you don’t have the time to go through the manual alternative to open the door, call us.

    We are Brigs Garage Doors, and we offer professional garage door services.

    We can help you open your garage during emergencies as we know how to open the garage door manually from outside

    If there is a power outage in your area, give our team a call.

    Professional help will be on the way to your residence.

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