Eric Bunnell’s People: New space for St. Thomas-Elgin Food Bank

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    Eric Bunnell’s People: New space for St. Thomas-Elgin Food Bank

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    Author of the article:

    Eric Bunnell  •  Special to Postmedia Network

    Publishing date:

    Jan 21, 2021  •  January 21, 2021  •  7 minute read  •  Join the conversation Karen McDade, St. Thomas-Elgin Food Bank general manager, poses in the new space for the former Caring Cupboard, opening Monday on the main floor of the Royal Canadian Legion Lord Elgin Branch 41 building. (Eric Bunnell photo)

    Article content

    There’s good news in the offing for the St. Thomas-Elgin Food Bank.

    On the other hand, not really for such a great reason.

    The former Caring Cupboard moves next week to a larger space. It simply has outgrown its current location at the corner of Talbot and Manitoba streets. And protocols to protect volunteers and clients during these COVID-19 times only have made things worse.

    “We’re just not set up to come in and out in a safe manner – we haven’t used the front door at all for clients,” Karen McDade, the food bank general manager, says.

    “We’ve been using the back garage door, which is the giant receiving garage door, and my girls are freezing back there,” she says.

    “It’s not set out to hand out hampers whatsoever.”

    And underlying is the stark reality that the food bank needs more room because it simply is feeding more people in the community.

    “That’s what the unfortunate part is. We’re getting even more clients than ever before.”

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