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    One of the most common scenarios you’ll see in many garages is a door gap.

    The scene of a significant gap in the frames can be horrid and worrisome to many garage owners.

    What is a garage door gap, and how can you stop it?

    Garage door gaps are the spaces between the door and the frame of the garage.

    The gaps can become unsettling to see as they ruin the look or aesthetic of a fully composed garage in a property.

    The gaps beneath the door can become an indicator of an unlevel door panel within the tracks.

    The issue doesn’t stop there.

    The gaps on the lower part of the garage can compromise the safety of your property.

    Unwanted individuals can pry open the bottom-most panel to access the garage, and eventually, your home.

    While some ways can require a lot of work, other methods require some adjustment in the mechanism of the doors.

    Prevent pests and insects from making home inside your garage.

    Ensure that there are no gaps in the door panel and the garage floor before more problems arise.

    It’s essential to eliminate the presence of gaps to maintain the safety of the garage.

    Apply some effective ways on how to adjust a garage door gap.

    Adjust the travel limit of the opener

    The first thing you can do is check the door opener inside the garage.

    Door openers have knobs that adjust the travel distance of the door panels in the track.

    For the travel limit, increase the distance of closing travel by adjusting the knobs.

    Each adjustment can give at least 5 cm in additional travel distance of the door.

    Do this until there is no gap when you close the door entirely.

    Inspect the door tracks

    Another reason there is a gap is the presence of obstructions.

    When something is blocking the tracks, the doors won’t close fully.

    Any small objects like rocks or loose hardware can add some gaps at the bottom of the door.

    Check the door sensors; they are on the foot of the tracks.

    If they are loose in place, their holding bracket may be the culprit of the gaps in your garage entrance.

    Check the weatherstrip inside the garage

    The weatherstripping acts as a protective layer to prevent external elements from bringing damages to the doors.

    Weatherstrips prevent rainwater and air leaks inside the garage and help in keeping the garage energy efficient.

    Door gaps inside the garage aren’t only present on the bottom.

    They are visible on all sides of the frame.

    Adjust the door track and the door to be flush against the weatherstripping.

    Add a threshold at the bottom

    Other objects also provide help in closing the gaps inside the garage.

    A door threshold, in particular, provides additional elevation in the area where the door closes.

    The threshold is a long piece of wood or metal that runs across the bottom area of the door frame.

    One way to close the door gap is to install a thick threshold high enough to cover the gap.

    When this happens, you don’t need to adjust the travel limit of the downward movement of the doors.

    Layer the garage floor with concrete

    Sometimes, the real reason there is a gap is because of the property itself.

    During the construction of the garage, the concrete may have shifted.

    When this happens, you’ll get a garage floor that is slightly lower than expected.

    What you can do is add a layer of concrete to the area where the door closes.

    Elevate the bottom part of the door frame so that there is no space when the door closes.

    Call Brigs Garage Doors for upgrades and repairs

    A door gap also serves as a sign of an old garage door.

    When you feel like it’s time to upgrade the door and its parts to a newer model, call us.

    We are Brigs Garage Doors, and we offer garage door installation in Hamilton.

    Whether it’s your first time getting a brand new door or want to upgrade, professional service is always necessary.

    Build the foundation of your new doors by calling our team to help you set up the new model.

    If you don’t have the time to repair the gaps, we can do the job for you.

    Our garage door repair in Hamilton involves eliminating door gaps in your garage.

    We have a team of repair technicians who know how to adjust a garage door gap in all kinds of garages.

    Let’s keep your garage inaccessible to invaders.

    Contact us for appointments and inquiries.

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