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    How to adjust garage door cable tension

    Regular inspection and timely maintenance are necessary to keep your garage door in the best shape.

    These steps include cleaning the garage and checking all the parts of the garage door.

    Schedule a free day for your garage.

    A two to three-hour check can do a lot to point out to you the issues in your garage.

    One of the maintenance steps you shouldn’t miss out on is adjustments.

    Of all the garage door parts that need adjustments, don’t forget to check the garage door cable.

    It’s one of the most overlooked parts of adjustment routines.

    A loose cable can send your garage door downward, failing to support the structure.

    On top of that, garage door cables can fray and become less durable over time.

    Garage door cable inspection entails tension adjustments and possible cable replacements.

    Steps for cable tension adjustment

    Stay on top of your garage and learn how to adjust garage door cable tension.

    The garage door operates seamlessly with the proper tension in the cables.

    Take a few simple steps so you can make room to set your garage door cables in the best tension.

    STEP 1: Disconnect from the garage door opener

    The first thing you need to do is turn off the garage door opener.

    Work with the garage door manually.

    Do this so you can set it to the correct tension that carries the door without the opener.

    STEP 2: Close the garage door

    Pull down the garage door towards the ground after disconnecting from the opener.

    Because the springs are working to support the door, it’s still under tension.

    Open the door manually to release the tension supporting the lowered garage door.

    STEP 3: Prepare to open the garage door manually

    Raise the garage door to the top to release the tension.

    Use clamps or locking pliers to lock the door in place when it’s already on top.

    The springs and the wires shouldn’t be tense when the garage door is in this state.

    STEP 4: Eliminate the loose cable in the bracket

    One hooked end of the garage door cable goes through the bracket, which can loosen over time.

    You can tighten the hooked end some more by pulling the cable through the bracket.

    Some brackets have multiple holes; pick the farthest spot in the bracket to attach the cable end.

    STEP 5: Reposition the bracket in the frame

    There is a hook or clip to a bracket that attaches to the garage door frame on the same end of the garage door cable.

    Follow the path until it rolls around the cable drum that works with the spring.

    Disconnect that bracket and find a new slot in the frame that tightens the hold of the cable wire hook.

    STEP 6: Check the results

    Check the retightened cable end that goes through the bracket and make sure that it’s not loose.

    Check the repositioned bracket in the garage door frame.

    There should be no saggy points but enough tension that runs through the entire cable length.

    STEP 7: Reconnect the garage door opener

    Reconnect the garage door opener.

    Try opening and closing the garage door using the remote.

    There shouldn’t be any bumpy or unsnag points when you lower and lift the door.

    Your garage door should be as discreet as possible when working along the tracks.

    If you can hear some sounds from the cable, the cable may not be tight enough in the system.

    Double-check the work on your adjustment and redo it if there are some errors.

    For professional cable tension adjustments, we are available all the time. Talk to our team and schedule a booking with one of our experts!

    When you can’t seem to get the proper adjustment for the cable, service is necessary.

    You can’t leave a loose cable around to lift your garage door.

    Loose cable lengths can cause damage and jam in the cable drums.

    The cables will fray faster every time it winds up around the cable drums of the rod.

    Book a job with our team from Brigs Garage Doors to ensure that you get the support you need.

    We know how to adjust garage door cable tension that makes for a seamless garage door in your tracks.

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