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    How to Adjust a Garage Door Gap

    A garage door gap is one of the most annoying sites you’ll see on your property.

    It becomes a hindrance to a fully functional garage door.

    You are inviting a lot of things inside your garage.

    Who likes having vermin or pests flying and crawling about in the gap between the floor and the garage door?

    A gap also allows rainwater to get inside your garage while you sleep at night.

    A garage door gap is not only annoying; it’s unsafe.

    You are inviting unwanted people like trespassers for an easy home invasion.

    With the proper tools and methods, it’s easy to lift the garage door manually with a gap present.

    Don’t allow other people to enter your premises.

    Know how to adjust a garage door gap to make your home completely safe.

    There are basic ways you can do this to eliminate the significant space beneath the garage door.

    Apply an additional weatherstrip

    A weatherstrip has the job of keeping the rainwater out.

    It is present on the sides and top of the garage door frame.

    The weatherstrip acts as a seal that closes the gaps on the frames.

    A rubber weatherstrip can help solve the gap problem between minimal gaps.

    This solution only works for certain gap heights that the weatherstrip can accommodate.

    If the gap is taller than at least two inches, attaching a weatherstrip may not help.

    Add a floor threshold

    A floor threshold is like a weatherstrip, except you place it on top of the floor.

    You can place them to bridge the gap on the floor.

    However, the threshold also keeps the rainwater out of the garage.

    A floor threshold acts as the partition that will hold the garage door in place.

    A threshold can solve gaps that are slightly higher than the ones that a weatherstrip can bridge.

    With easy application, you can position the floor threshold to align with the door.

    Check the limit switches

    Check the limit switches of the garage door opener.

    Chances are, you set the limit to a specific height that doesn’t reach the floor.

    The limit automatically makes the garage door close down only to a certain height every time.

    The limit switches are on the garage door motor.

    The seal at the bottom will compress over time.

    Adjust the limit switch until the point where the seal has compressed to remove the gap.

    Adjust the garage door tracks

    Another thing you can do is adjust the garage door track.

    Take your tools out and loosen the bolts of the track.

    Loosen brackets that you can move along to lower down the track.

    If the track is the one that limits the garage door, a simple track adjustment solves the problem.

    Make sure to lower the track to cover the gap height on the floor.

    Tighten the bolts when the garage door covers the entire gap.

    Add concrete to the floor

    Property is still a piece of land that can shift over time.

    It is rare for concrete garage floors to experience this, but it can happen over time.

    When the garage floor sinks, the gap becomes more evident.

    Over time, the land sags, and you will have a garage door within the maximum lowering limit.

    You can’t do anything with the garage door but add concrete to the garage floor.

    Flatten the concrete in the area where there is a gap.

    Get professional services

    DIY methods can help save you some bucks.

    However, if the gap still poses a problem, there are professional repair services.

    We are garage door professionals who can fix the gap problem.

    Services can include garage door replacement or professional garage door adjustment.

    If you decide that it’s time to replace the garage door, we can help you set it up.

    Brigs Garage Doors is available to help you on how to adjust a garage door gap.

    Does your garage door still leave a gap? Contact us to help fix the problem.

    Brigs Garage Doors is a professional company that offers garage door services.

    We have given help to many homeowners and business owners suffering from a garage door gap.

    Never compromise the safety of your home by leaving a gap that serves as an accessible entrance.

    Your garage door should keep your place safe and protected.

    Contact us to eliminate the gaps below your garage door.

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