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    How to install garage door cables

    Garage door cables are essential parts of the garage door system.

    A snapped cable can leave you a garage door that doesn’t pull up properly.

    Fraying cables can snap out of place and destroy your belongings inside the garage.

    When the time comes for you to replace the cables, you need to install cables properly.

    One wrong move or loose parts can end your garage door into a disaster.

    Let’s avoid accidents from happening in your garage.

    Garage door cables usually go with the garage door springs.

    They help support the garage door as the spring pulls the door up or down.

    The garage door cables also add a safety feature to your garage.

    More than support function, garage door cables help prevent broken springs from flying around.

    Learn how to install garage door cables.

    Before you replace the cables in the garage, there are three types of cables to look out for.

    You have the tension cables, torsion cables, and safety cables.

    Tension cables

    Tension cables work with the extension springs on top of the garage.

    They run parallel to the garage door opener or on both sides of the frame.

    Tension springs connect to the tension cables to add support to the spring.

    This way, the tension springs don’t need to stretch out too much.

    The cable hooks toward the bottom of the garage door and supports the door in place.

    Torsion cables

    Like the tension cables, the torsion cables are also present to support the torsion spring.

    The garage door is heavy on its own.

    Constant use of the torsion spring can wear out the spring faster.

    The torsion cables connect to the bottom of the door, and it rolls around a turning cable drum attached to the rod.

    These components work together to make work easier.

    Safety cables

    Safety cables run through the coils of the springs.

    They serve as protection in case the spring breaks.

    Since heavy-duty springs can result in so much force upon the damage, the safety cables contain them.

    It serves as a buffer in case the garage door spring springs out in place.

    Consider this cable as a safety measure that protects the things inside your garage.

    Cable installation in your garage

    A broken cable means that you need to replace them immediately.

    It’s necessary to replace the cables unless you can go days without having to open or close the garage door.

    When you need to use your garage every day, you need new cables in place.

    There are simple ways on how to install the garage door cables.

    Necessary tools for cable installation

    You need the necessary tools to put the cable in place.

    These are the things you will need:

    • Locking pliers
    • New cables or replacement cables
    • Sockets
    • Winding bars
    • Gloves
    • Ladder

    Steps to install cable

    1. Disconnect the garage door from the garage door opener so you can close or open it manually.

    2. Open the garage door and use a locking plier to keep it in place within the tracks.

    Make sure to do this on both sides to support the door.

    3. Climb up the ladder in the middle of the door right where the springs are.

    Unwind the garage door spring using the winding bars.

    Be careful in doing this, as the springs may have too much force in place.

    4. Remove the existing cables from the cable drum.

    Trace it back down and remove the hooked garage door cable from its bracket placement.

    5. Put the replacement cable in the bracket and loop it back around the cable drum on top.

    6. Place the cable drum snug in place and wind the springs carefully in place.

    Don’t forget to do this for both sides of the garage door.

    Both the left and right parts have cables for equal and balance support.

    Do you need help in installing new replacement cables to your garage door? Schedule an appointment with us to give you some assistance.

    We are Brigs Garage Doors, and we offer cable installation services.

    We understand that cable replacement is not an easy job.

    It is hazardous work for you to do.

    Call us if you have hesitations and safety concerns in doing the installation of your new cables.

    It would be best if you didn’t have to sacrifice your safety to get new cables.

    Schedule an appointment with our team as we offer you professional service.

    Rest assured that your garage is safe, and you will get new cables installed afterwards.

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