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    Insulated Garage Doors – Installation and Repairs

    Weather stripping for your garage door is an essential component to keep your garage dry and comfortable. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of installing weather stripping on your garage door, ensuring your garage is protected from the elements.

    Why Install Weather Stripping?

    Weather stripping your garage door offers numerous benefits:

    • Keeps out dust, water, and pests.
    • Reduces noise from the outside.
    • Provides insulation, keeping your garage warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

    Materials Needed

    • Weather stripping material.
    • Measuring tape.
    • Scissors or a utility knife.
    • Nail gun or hammer and nails.

    Step-by-Step Installation Guide

    1. Measure Your Door: Measure the width and height of your garage door. Add a few extra inches to ensure full coverage.
    2. Cut the Stripping: Using scissors or a utility knife, cut the stripping to the length of your door measurements.
    3. Attach the Stripping: Start from the top of the door. Use a nail gun or hammer and nails to secure the stripping in place. Repeat for each side.
    4. Check for Gaps: Once installed, close the door and check for any gaps. Adjust as necessary.

    Detailed Table: Installing Weather Stripping

    Step Description Tools Needed
    1. Measure Door Measure door height and width. Measuring tape
    2. Cut Stripping Cut the stripping to match door measurements. Scissors/Utility knife
    3. Attach Stripping Secure the stripping at the top, then sides. Nail gun/Hammer and nails
    4. Check Gaps Ensure there are no gaps after installation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of weather stripping material is best for a garage door?

    The best material for garage door weather stripping is usually rubber or vinyl. These materials are durable and flexible, ensuring a tight seal.

    How often should weather stripping be replaced?

    Weather stripping should be checked annually and replaced if it’s cracked, torn, or no longer provides a tight seal.

    Can I install weather stripping on any type of garage door?

    Yes, weather stripping can be installed on most types of garage doors, including metal, wood, and fiberglass doors.

    Does weather stripping help with energy efficiency?

    Absolutely. Weather stripping provides insulation, reducing heat loss in winter and keeping the garage cooler in summer.


    Installing weather stripping on your garage door is a simple yet effective way to protect your garage from external elements. At Brigs Garage Doors, we offer professional installation and a range of other services. Visit our garage door maintenance checklist for more tips. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your garage door needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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