New owner of former Richmond Avenue temple pursues greener path | Local News

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    New owner of former Richmond Avenue temple pursues greener path | Local News

    Separately, a local investment group called Iroquois Brew Building LLC, which acquired the former Iroquois Brewing Company building at 273 Hickory St. on the East Side last year, is now planning to break up the complex into three separate buildings for reuse.

    Built in 1930, the 39,225-square-foot complex consists of three sections – the original three-story building on the north end, and then a two-story addition and a one-story addition that were added on over the next 50 years, as Iroquois expanded. They are now one parcel, and the three buildings are separated only by walls and overhead doors.

    The investors – led by Peter Singer and his East Rochester partner – want to subdivide the property back into three pieces using the natural breaks between the buildings, with some repairs to meet fire separation requirements.

    But the smaller two pieces do not meet code requirements for minimum size and lot coverage, so they sought variances that the ZBA approved.

    “We’re going to take what was three buildings used as one and turn it back into three separate properties with a building on each,” said architect Michael Anderson of Abstract Architecture. “It’s already very much divided up.”

    The investment group – which buys and manages older homes in Buffalo but also sells used cars in Rochester – plans to use the middle one to store building materials and cars, but will lease out the other two. The subdivision will help with financing.

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