OGD™ Overhead Garage Door Now Provides Services in St. Louis, Missouri

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    OGD™ Overhead Garage Door Now Provides Services in St. Louis, Missouri

    OGD™ Overhead Garage Door Opens its 27th market to provide overhead door and dock services in and around the St. Louis communities.

    ST. LOUIS, Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Overhead Garage Door announces the opening of their new market in St. Louis, Missouri, adding to their 26 markets across the country. The new market will serve commercial and residential property owners with overhead door and dock repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services.

    OGD™ recognizes the importance of positively impacting local economies by partnering with local technicians and suppliers in each market. With locations across the country, OGD™ Overhead Garage Door can provide residential and commercial property owners with faster, often same-day response times for their overhead door and dock needs.

    “It is an extremely exciting time for OGD™ as we continue to grow, we can further exceed our customer’s needs and expectations while providing high-quality jobs and opportunities in and around St. Louis,” stated Bret Westbrook, Founder, and CEO of OGD™ Overhead Garage Door.

    As OGD™ expands across the country, they have the ability to further understand the wants and needs of their customers and clients giving them the opportunity to continue improving their customer experience. To ensure superior service for each customer, each technician attends training at OGD™ state-of-the-art training facility in Fort Worth, Texas. The new 12,000 sq ft facility includes more than 30 bays…

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