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    Garage Door Rollers, Hinges & Sensors Repair

    Need Your Door Rollers, Hinges or Sensors Repaired?

    Everybody wants a well-functioning garage door. A good working overhead door can solve security problems and ensure your property.

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    One faulty mistake a homeowner makes is overlooking certain parts during inspection. Rollers, hinges and sensors need special care from time to time. Failure to do so can cause serious damages to your garage doors and valuables.

    Right roller, hinge and sensor is a vital key in having an excellent garage door operation. Rollers come in different sizes and materials. It is ideal to seek an expert when it fails.

    Hinges rarely fail, but when they fail it causes real harm. For example, rollers can fall out anytime and deform door tracks. It is necessary to fix the hinge issue immediately before it causes harm.

    Moreover, a damaged sensor can impose serious danger to life. Sensors are preventive measures to avoid the door from closing. Contacting an expert during this issue is the most ideal option you have.

    Garage door roller, hinge and sensor repair is a tedious job. Seeking help from a professional can be the best option you have.

    Brigs Garage Doors offers its garage door repair services in Hamilton, Burlington and Brantford. We commit to do the job right and check all garage door parts before concluding our work. If you live within the location, you can call us and we will be glad to fix your garage door issue.

    Garage Door Roller Repair Guide

    It is important to repair faulty rollers. Leaving it too long can cause more damages on your garage doors.

    Doing DIYs can be risky and somehow add up more garage issues. For example, the garage door might fall and cause serious injuries doing the repair. After all, any repair involving removing parts imposes danger.

    Doing garage door repair and replacement needs proper tools and knowledge. If you are confident enough to do the repair yourself, then you can follow this roller repair guide.

    1. Place a clamp ⅔ away from the door opening.
    2. Pull the release rope to free the garage door from the opener.
    3. Unplug the door opener to secure safety during the repair.
    4. Bend the track slightly. Then, align the screws first roller on the opening. Use a flashed-screwdriver and shove it between the track and roller. Separate the roller from the track.
    5. Remove the old roller and slide the new one. Attach the roller back into the track.
    6. Repeat the processes from 1 to 5 to replace new sets of rollers. After replacing four rollers, you will notice some problems on the alignment. To check this, bend the track and roll the door until it opens.
    7. Bend the track at the middle and overhead parts. Be sure to have an assistant during the 6th process to avoid accidents. Insert the last roller and bend the track back to its original shape.
    8. Remove the clamps attached to the door opening. Close the door and check the functions of the newly attached rollers.

    Garage Door Hinge Repair Guide

    Do your hinges produce unusual sounds? Then, it is time to do some repairs on it before it causes real harm.

    Hinges are metal fasteners that connect your door panels together. It allows the door to bend during function. A worn-out hinge needs repair immediately. Failure to do so will make your panels sag and cause delays.

    To help you, we provide a hinge repair guide that you can follow:

    1. Raise the garage door in a desired height so the hinges are within your reach.
    2. Turn-off the opener to avoid unnecessary movements.
    3. Place C-clamps on the garage door to keep it from moving.
    4. Unscrew the nuts and bolts.
    5. Remove the hinge by tilting the roller and hinge connection.
    6. Detach the roller from the hinge. Consider replacing the roller if you see some damage to it.
    7. Attach the new hinge and assemble it on the roller shaft.
    8. Lubricate the rollers to avoid wear and tear.
    9. Place the hinge back on the door assembly. Secure all blts and nuts. Moreover, remove the C-clamps on the garage door.
    10. Test the door.

    Garage Door Sensor Repair Guide

    Repairing a broken garage door sensor is a tricky thing to do. Exposure to sunlight is a no-no during the repairing process. Thus, you must disconnect the power to avoid electricity transfer.

    Sometimes the problem lies on the wires connected to it. But, this special repair is best done by an expert to avoid serious damages on the device. If you have confidence, you can follow the guide below.

    For wiring issues

    1. Inspect the connection of wirings related to the sensor and the opener.
    2. Check if the wires properly connected. If not, connect the wires to its original place and insert it to the right color terminals.

    For sensors

    1. Detach the sensors from the brackets.
    2. Detach the wires from the nuts and cut the sensor wires 12” from the sensor device.
    3. Denude both ends of the sensor wires and twist them together. Connect them to the garage door motor unit.
    4. Detach the existing wires from the white and grey terminals.
    5. Place the new wires on the operator. White wire on the white terminals and grey/black wire on the grey/black terminal.
    6. Point the sensors toward each other, if both sensors produce light the problem lies on the wires. If there is no light produced, the problem is on the sensor itself. Repairing and replacing the defective part will avoid issues later on.

    Who to call during emergency garage door troubles?

    It is important to repair malfunctioning rollers, hinges and sensors. At Brigs Garage Doors, we repair and replace garage door parts without delay.

    Garage door rollers, hinges and sensor repair are one of the services we offer. We inspect, maintain and deal with it in no time.

    Our trained repair team can detect issues and solve them using the latest tools. We commit to solve the issue quickly and precisely.

    If you are in any garage door trouble, call our team and we will be on the way ASAP.  Trust Brigs Garage Doors and ease all your worries.

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