Thefts from cars on the rise in Waterloo Region, police say

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    Thefts from cars on the rise in Waterloo Region, police say

    Regional police are reminding residents to lock their cars and take valuables inside following an increase in reports of thefts from vehicles.

    According to a news release, since the start of 2020 Waterloo regional police have received 3,339 reports of thefts from vehicles, a 6.8 per cent increase over the same time period last year.

    Peter Wiens said his car was broken into in front of his house a month ago.

    “The hood of the car was cracked open, which is very unusual,” he said.

    Some items were stolen from his vehicle.

    “They had gotten in and stolen my sunglasses,” he said. “Later on, I noticed they had also stolen the charging cable because it’s an electric car.”

    He said the situation is frustrating.

    “I felt a little violated,” Wiens said.

    Maen Hadid also had his vehicle broken into earlier this year.

    “Everything in my side of the car was stolen,” he said. “Not really so many valuable things, but the garage door opener was one of them. I don’t feel safe, to be honest, having this incident.”

    They say in many cases, owners leave their vehicles unlocked, or leave their valuables in plain sight.

    During one instance, police say a victim had their ownership and insurance taken from their car, later learning the thieves used their name to obtain credit cards and make purchases.

    They are suggesting motorists to keep a copy their ownership and insurance in their wallet instead of in the vehicle, and if there is more than one…

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