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    Why would my garage door randomly open?

    A garage door that pops open unexpectedly is dangerous to your home.

    A garage door should protect the threshold of your home.

    If you have an unreliable garage door, you can’t expect your home to be safe all the time.

    There are many reasons why your garage door randomly opens.

    It’s not always a case of damage that needs repair or replacement.

    Outside interference and different control settings can open the garage door.

    You don’t need to worry so much about the issue.

    Some of the causes for the random outbursts of the garage door are very simple to fix.

    Before you find a solution to the issue, there are simple causes to your concern.

    Find the root cause so you don’t invite trespassers in your home.

    Old garage door models

    Old garage door openers can trigger the garage door to open randomly.

    If you still have the garage door opener from decades ago, it’s time to consider a replacement.

    Older models from decades tend to decline over time.

    Newer garage door models have new inclusions to their coding system.

    Older garage doors still work with limited code combinations.

    Old models increase the chance of older controls to open the garage door.

    A fully functional garage door can still be accessible via older transmitters.

    Hopefully, you won’t have any old properties in the neighborhood that can control your old garage door.

    Faulty remote controls

    The remote control is the device you use to command the garage door to open.

    If the remote is faulty, you will get mixed signals from the remote.

    The signals can prompt the door to open without your knowledge.

    Stuck buttons on the garage door remote control can also linger in its socket.

    The reason your garage door opens all of a sudden is that a button is stuck on the remote.

    Replace the garage door remote control or check the batteries for unsolicited functions.

    If there’s nothing wrong with the opener, you only need to spend on a remote control replacement.

    Outside interference

    Other devices share the same frequency as a garage door opener.

    If you have a new neighbor with the same garage door opener or other devices, they may control your garage door.

    Other devices include radios and other electrical equipment that has the same frequency.

    Always check for new neighbors and new devices that can signal your garage door opener.

    Signal disruptions can divert the function of the garage door.

    The only thing you can do is reprogram your garage door opener.

    Try to go through the remote control manual so you can see how to modify the transmitter settings.

    Weather conditions

    Believe it or not, but the weather conditions also influence your garage door to open.

    Thunderstorms and lightning can cause changes in the power of your home.

    The power surge can result in a damaged electrical circuit which causes the garage door to open.

    This problem needs professional repair service.

    Damage in the circuit can also lead to more damages to the system wiring.

    It’s dangerous to fix the electrical circuits by yourself, so count on the experts to fix the problem for you.

    Book a job with your local garage door specialists to fix the circuit boards of your garage door opener.

    Some causes of the issue are simple.

    You can deal with it anytime and set it within the garage door opener.

    However, you need to get experts who can deal with the opener for severe damages and repair issues.

    It can get dangerous to work with wires and circuit boards if it’s your first time.

    Modify your garage door opener to open and close upon command. Keep in touch with us for professional garage door services!

    There are plenty of reasons your garage door opens by itself.

    Give a quick solution to prevent your safety from getting compromised.

    You shouldn’t have to worry about your protection at home.

    Let us help you fix your garage door opening suddenly; we offer repair services for damaged circuits and reprogram services to fine-tune your controls.

    You don’t need to worry about why your garage door randomly opens without your knowledge.

    Book a job with us to keep the security that your garage door should provide.

    We are Brigs Garage Doors, and we are available 24/7 for your garage door needs.

    We are always around in case you need urgent services.

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