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    DIY Garage Door Maintenance

    The worst thing that can occur when you’re running late for work is a problematic garage door.

    Regular maintenance is the best option to prevent problems from occurring.

    With it, you can ensure the garage door is moving smoothly and will last for decades.

    Hence, know more about its importance and DIY garage door maintenance tips to follow.

    DIY Garage Door Maintenance Tips

    Maintenance is cheap and easy since you don’t have to spend on costly repairs.

    It can help you spot issues that might need minor repairs to prevent major ones from happening, leading to a garage door replacement.

    With regular maintenance, you’re guaranteed that your garage door will last for decades.

    Don’t worry about the damages that can happen at any time, because they can be easily detected.

    Hence, early repairs can save you money.

    If you have no idea regarding DIY garage door maintenance, these general tips are easy to follow.

    1 Observe the Operation

    It’s imperative to check the door’s condition if there are issues that are about to happen.

    Is the garage door moving smoothly? Does it create rattling and grinding noises? Is it aligned?

    By observing the movement of your garage door, it will help you to spot the problems.

    If you ever need professional help regarding this tip, call Brigs Garage Doors to assist you!

    2 Tighten the Nuts, Bolts, and Screws

    Since the garage door moves consistently throughout the year, it’s no wonder if the hardware parts are loosening.

    To fix this issue, tighten them with a wrench.

    3 Test the Balance

    To test the door’s balance, close the door until it’s halfway open.

    If the door sags, there must be a problem with the alignment or other garage door parts.

    If you find your door sagging, seek help from Brigs Garage Doors to fix it for you.

    4 Evaluate the Rollers

    Whether your rollers are nylon, steel is plastic; they need to be evaluated at least a few times a year.

    Since rollers are subjected to movement several times in a day, they can wear out and damage. Hence, there is a need for replacement.

    To replace the rollers, remove and reinstall the roller brackets away from the cable system.

    However, if you’re not confident in pulling off the job, hire a garage door repair service to replace them for you.

    5 Change the Weatherstripping

    Weatherstripping seals the gaps of your garage door.

    If it is broken or split, replace it to prevent external elements from entering your home.

    Weatherstripping is most commonly sold at stores by afoot.

    Cut the seal and insert it to the bottom of the garage door. You can also check video tutorials on how to do it.

    6 Lubricate the Moving Parts

    If the moving parts such as cables, springs, rollers, and hinges are well-lubricated, they can even add up to the life of your garage door.

    Also, it only takes a few minutes to accomplish this task.

    If the parts are rusted, lubricate them with white lithium grease.

    While you can grease up the metal parts, avoid doing it with the tracks if you don’t want the dirt sticking into them.

    7 Check the Springs and Cables

    When it comes to springs and cables, it’s imperative not to touch them when they’re fraying or snapping.

    If the damage is visible, you can count on Brigs Garage Doors to help you fix them.

    8 Test the Auto-Reverse Feature

    Place a wood object along the door’s path; close the garage door with the opener remote.

    If it automatically reverses before touching the object, the door is in good condition.

    Otherwise, there must be an issue with the garage door that requires fixing.

    The problem might be due to malfunctioning sensors.

    You can always count on Brigs Garage Doors to fix the sensors, whether they need cleaning, adjusting, or replacing.

    9 Clean the Tracks

    Ensure that the debris and dirt are nowhere to be found on either side of the garage door.

    Also, if you find the door is off-track, you can ask help from a professional garage door service to adjust the door for you.

    Schedule a Maintenance with Brigs Garage Doors in Hamilton!

    Preventive Maintenance is cheaper than emergency garage door repairs.

    Follow the DIY Garage Door Maintenance Tips above to ensure that the door is in top condition.

    For more inquiries and assistance, call Brigs Garage Doors to help you! We’ll be glad to assist you at any time of the day!

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