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    Garage Door Opener Repair

    Looking for professional Garage Door Opener Repair Services?

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    Garage doors are one of the most valued assets one can have. Keeping it at its best condition will keep you from costly repair issues.

    Have you ever experienced any garage door opener issue? Or do your openers cause problems from time to time? If yes, then you are in some serious troubles.

    Garage door opener issues are stressing. It delays work and can cause serious problems if left unattended.

    Brigs Garage Doors are in the repair industry for years now. We offer garage door opener repair and replacement services. We commit to the job right with a fast-paced service. Call our team and we will do the repair.

    When is the perfect time for repair?

    Garage door opener repair can only happen when issues occur. Of course, overhead door issues happen unexpectedly.

    Scheduling a yearly or quarter inspection can enhance the function of your openers. Have Brigs Garage Doors keep your openers from breaking.

    We have an experienced and trained team capable of doing any garage door repair. Thus, we also check other parts before concluding our work.

    Call our team whenever you need us and we will be at your doorstep ASAP. If you live in Hamilton, Burlington and Brantford, you can call our customer service anytime.

    Reasons why you need a repair

    When your garage door stops during its opening, then it is experiencing opener issues. Here are some reasons why it malfunctions, then some repair tips that you can follow.

    Remote and Wall Switches cannot control the Opener

    When the doors won’t budge when using the remote and switches, it means that the power source is off tracked.

    Check if the power motor is on or not. Secure the connection and connect the power motor back to its original position. Viola! Your openers can start functioning again.

    The circuit breaker, fuse and GFCI can cause opener issues. When these three happen, it is best to have our team do the repair. We offer garage door opener repair services that are ideal to your immediate needs.

    Openers do not respond to the remote

    Keep your distance within short in directing your openers. Antennas need shorter distances to function. Keep your distances short before using the remotes.

    Make sure to have your antennas hanging downward and have it checked from time to time. Damaged antennas cause delay.

    Moreover, change the batteries on time. Resetting the programmed details can be vital to your openers.

    Overtime, the sensitive electronic loses its functions and needs resetting. Reprogram it and keep it checked to avoid delay.

    Garage door opens but the motors keep on moving

    This unusual behavior needs attention immediately. Separate the up-limit switch from the motor unit.

    This problem doesn’t happen all the time. When this issue happens, call your trusted repair company.

    Garage doors move fast during opening and closing

    When the garage door moves fast, it means you are experiencing close switch troubles.

    Slowly adjust the close-limit adjustment screw on the opener motor. Do not stop until it reaches the floor.

    Wear, tear and damaged rollers can cause opener issues. Lubricating them can help you avoid and reduce damage. Also, check the remotes and switches from to time to avoid unnecessary troubles.

    Garage door opener issues need immediate attention whenever it happens. Moreover, dealing with it can be dangerous. So, have Brigs Garage Doors do the job and keep your openers from any troubles.

    Call Brigs Garage Doors during Opener Issues

    Different garage door openers have different means of repair whenever it occurs. You need ample knowledge and experience when doing any repair.

    Seeking professional care can enhance the quality security of your doors. Aim for a better door by calling Brigs Garage Doors whenever you are in trouble.

    Avoid causing trouble by doing the repair yourself. We offer garage door opener repair and replacement services that are ideal to your needs.

    We at Brigs Garage Doors never fail to fix any garage issue. Whenever you have a problem, call our team and we will do the job for you.

    We have a reliable repair team that can solve any garage trouble you have. Stop wasting your time and effort. Call us and we will solve your garage opener problem.

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