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    Garage Door Installation & Replacement

    Leading Garage Door Installation & Replacement Services

    A garage door is more than just a security barrier. It enhances safety, provides convenience and better comfort. Damaged or broken garage doors will disrupt the peace you have long maintained.

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    Also, outdated garage door designs are subject for replacements. Overhead doors dated years ago need an update.

    Brigs Garage Doors understands the vital role of garage doors in our daily lives. So, we offer garage door installation and replacement services to accommodate your needs.

    We are ready to work with you and install or replace doors that are ideal to your preferences. If you live in Hamilton, Burlington or in Brantford, then our services are yours to experience. Have someone call our team and we will meet your standards.

    Have your Doors Updated by Installing New Garage Door Style

    As one of the entrances to your household, it is your job to keep it styled with a top-notch functionality.

    Overtime, garage doors will experience troubles. Constant repair and maintenance will enhance the security. Yet, it will never avoid garage door issues.

    People who maintained their garage doors will experience little overhead door issues. However, constant repairing and replacing garage door parts is another issue.

    Repair costs vary per garage door part trouble. Moreover, repair or replacement happen more frequently if the doors are old.

    Installing a new garage door style will not only improve your house’s visual. It enhances security and gives comfort to those who own it.

    Brigs have garage door installation and replacement services that meet your needs.

    We use reliable materials like steel, aluminum and fiber glasses. We test these materials under harsh environments to ensure that it is ideal for usage.

    Reasons Why you Need a Garage Door Upgrade

    Even if your existing doors function well, it is out of date and needs replacement. New models and features are available with an improved security option.

    Here are some reasons that might convince you to have an door update:

    • Garage doors have been in service for about ten years or more.
    • Your current garage doors are in need of an improved security feature. Features like photo eye sensors.
    • Damaged or visible scratches on the doors.
    • Frequent and costly garage door repairs from time to time.
    • Your doors are experiencing delay in receiving commands.

    Several replacement options are available that are ideal to your preferences. Yet, having a well-planned and a budgeted installation will somehow change the game.

    Partnering with us will help you choose the right installation or replacement option. Moreover, installation cost varies upon the size, design and type of door material.

    We at Brigs Garage Doors will never settle for less. We commit to do the job right and offer the best installation services you can have. Call our team and we will discuss the details over the phone or at our company.

    Common Factors that Affects the Installation Cost

    As mentioned above, costs vary for a lot of reasons. Here are some factors that affect the possible cost of installation.

    • Size. Single-car garages are 8-10 feet wide. While two-car garages can be 12-18 feet wide. In short, the larger your garage door size is the more costly it becomes.
    • Type of Opener. Most households prefer roll-up doors. Others who like style and unique features use swing-motion features.
    • Materials Used. As mentioned above, garage doors can be metal, aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl. It depends on you on what type of material you want and what designs you prefer.
    • Installation Cost. Overall, installation fee depends on the size, type and materials used. So, have your designs in mind and let Brigs do the installation for you.

    Choose Brigs Garage Doors in Installing your Garage Doors

    At Brigs, our team will commit to do the job right and make every effort counts. From the installation to checking other parts, everything is thoroughly monitored.

    We have an experienced and trained team that can do the job correctly and precisely. We offer a friendly customer service that can ease all your troubles.

    Our team can help you get through the installation and replacement process. You can always trust Brigs Garage Doors to have your doors checked at all times.

    Call our team and let Brigs do the job right. Have someone get your designs ready and give Brigs Garage Doors a call anytime.

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