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    Garage Door Sensor Repair

    Garage doors keep our daily lives convenient and safe.

    Due to the garage door’s durable exterior, it can help our homes and family safe from intruders, weather, and external elements.

    It can also keep our vehicles and personal belongings away from theft.

    You can also efficiently operate the garage door with either the click of the remote or a different keypad combination.

    Because of how simple it is to operate, we use it several times a day.

    However, a garage door breaks down eventually.

    If you find your garage door is not operating correctly, it can be frustrating and stressful.

    Instead of expecting the door to close after clicking the remote, you discover that it reverses back after touching the floor.

    When you notice problems with the operation and see no signs of damage to the parts, the sensors are most likely at fault.

    But how can you be so sure if the garage door sensor is the culprit?

    This guide will help you test if your sensors are broken and when to call for a garage door sensor repair.

    Read more to find out.

    Different Areas to Check

    There are four areas to check when checking the sensor’s condition.

    These are the following:

    Check Obstructions

    1. Along the Door’s Path

    Make sure to see any signs of obstruction along the garage door’s path.

    If the garage door suddenly reverses after detecting an object along the way, the garage door is working correctly.

    However, if it crashes the object, the sensors can be out of alignment or damaged.

    You can hire a garage door repair service to assist you with the issue.

    On the Sensors

    2. There are times that obstructions can be found on the sensors themselves rather than along the door’s path.

    When you see the sensors are tainted with dirt, paint, water, or dead bugs, these obstructions will block the door, which causes the door not to close all the way.

    When it comes to dirty sensors, you can solve it by cleaning them twice a year or more.

    Regularly check if there is dirt, and make sure to wipe it off if you see it.

    Sensors are Misaligned

    The last step you should check with the sensors is their alignment.

    Sensors nowadays use transmitters and receivers to detect if there is an obstruction in the path.

    Sensors use a light beam to reach one another.

    When the light beam is obstructed, the garage door will stay open.

    Otherwise, it will close when the two light beams meet.

    This means that there is no object detected in the path.

    If you see the light beams are visible and no obstructions in the path, but the garage door won’t close, there must be misalignment issues.

    The sensors might not be facing each other correctly. With this problem, a simple alignment can fix it.

    You may need a laser level to check the alignment of the sensors.

    You can also read the manual for the instructions on how to realign them.

    However, if it’s too much of a hassle for you, you can call a residential or commercial garage door repair in Hamilton to align them for you.

    Electrical Problems

    If the overhead door is still not working correctly despite having clean sensors and no obstructions in sight, there must be problems with the electrical components.

    Sensors emit light beams when they operate.

    However, if you detect intermittent lights, lights flashing suddenly, or do not light at all, the electrical components are at fault.

    When dealing with electrical stuff, it’s best to leave the job to a garage door repair in Hamilton.

    You can call Brigs Garage Doors to help you.

    Call us for a professional garage door sensor repair!

    Broken Sensors

    If you find the sensors are damaged, it’s time to replace them.

    Broken sensors can happen due to a bump from the car, ball, or bike.

    Contact Brigs Garage Doors Today

    If you see the following signs above with the sensors, it’s time to call Brigs Garage Doors to fix them for you.

    Sensors are delicate to deal with, and it takes patience and expertise to bring them back to normal.

    However, if the repairs won’t work, a replacement is the best way to go.

    Do you need a garage door sensor repair? Call us now!

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