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    Garage Door Motor Repair

    Residential garage doors are used several times a year.

    Considering they move quite fast, the condition of the opener motor is crucial to the garage door movement.

    Consequently, if the opener motor breaks, it causes significant problems in your daily life and needs to be repaired immediately.

    Furthermore, this guide will show you different garage door motor repairs and when to call a garage door repair in Hamilton.

    Different Garage Door Motor Repairs

    The opener motor is an electrical device that allows the garage door to raise and shut without moving it manually.

    Thus, it is essential to address the problem right away when dealing with a broken opener motor.

    Since it is an electrical device, there may be many underlying issues that cause it to malfunction.

    Hence, it needs fixing right away.

    Therefore, look for the following solutions below that suit best to your situation.

    Check the Door

    Before inspecting the opener motor, make sure the garage door is in good working condition.

    To be sure, lubricate the door’s sides and the hinges to allow for a smoother movement.

    Pay close attention also to the garage door alignment, the chains’ condition, and the tightness of the screws.

    Make sure to check the moving parts such as springs and cables if they are functioning.

    These parts are vital for opening the garage door quickly.

    If these parts get damaged, this might be why the door is not moving and the cause of damaged motors.

    You can ask for a residential or commercial garage door repair in Hamilton to replace the springs for you.

    Check the Electrical Components and Power Outlet

    This step is usually ignored by homeowners when trying to fix the opener motor unit.

    The opener works with many electrical devices such as a motor, power connection to your home’s circuit wires, and the wall keypad.

    Connect the motor to the power and switch it on.

    If the power outlet was connected beforehand, remove it and plug it again.

    After, do not open the garage door for fifteen minutes after connecting the power outlet to allow the motor to cool off.

    By following the method above, you can confirm that the motor is hot which can jam the system.

    Also, disengage the lock feature in the opener unit to allow the door to move.

    Test the Remote Control

    Another possibility that the opener motor is not working is because it won’t respond to the remote control.

    When dealing with this problem, check the batteries and replace them if they’re old.

    Your old remote might have a jammed button, which causes the door to move on its own.

    The remote might also need reprogramming.

    You can reset it by following the manual.

    If the reset does not work, purchase a new remote that is compatible with the opener motor.

    If the methods don’t work, you can count on a garage door repair to detect the problem with your remote.

    Contact Brigs Garage Doors!

    Realign the Sensors

    If the door remains open but won’t close all the way, there must be alignment issues with the sensors that are connected with the opener unit.

    Adjust the screws on the electric eyes or refer to the user manual for the rest of the procedure.

    Other cases might be due to a dirty sensor.

    Wipe any debris or dirt found on the sensor’s eyes to allow them to see the door’s path.

    Lastly, check the beam sensors’ wiring if it is connected to the opener motor.

    If it is detached, there will be no way for you to open or close the door since the sensors coordinate with the opener whether to close or remain open.

    Set the Frequency

    If the remote control is working inconsistently, there must be a problem with the program.

    To deal with this problem, reset the remote control frequency by referring to the user manual.

    Replace the Main Gear Drive

    If you find the garage door does not move, but the opener motor is making a grinding noise, the main gear drive is probably burn-out.

    When it comes to a broken main gear drive, it’s best to replace it.

    You can ask a professional for the replacement because it needs expertise to pull off the job.

    Need a Garage Door Motor Repair?

    If the methods above don’t work, maybe it’s time to replace the opener motor, or you can call Brigs Garage Door in Hamilton to help you.

    Depending on the motor’s condition, we will see if it needs a garage door motor repair or a replacement.

    Rest assured, the solution that we will give is the best since we have been doing garage door repairs for many years already.

    Contact our team in Hamilton to fix your garage door motor!

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