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    How to adjust garage door springs and cables

    You need to set the correct tension to keep the garage doors moving smoothly.

    The adjustments control the speed and the force necessary to move the garage door along.

    Imagine the cables too loose or the spring not tense enough.

    You’ll have a garage door that lacks support.

    Things can turn into a disaster when the garage door moves on its way up or lowering down.

    Know how to adjust the garage door springs and cables so you can have an efficient garage door.

    Your garage door benefits from frequent adjustments.

    You save yourself thousands of dollars in case of emergency replacements or repairs.

    You save any person from getting injuries inside the garage.

    Think of the adjustment as one of the routine maintenance steps in fine-tuning the garage door.

    How the garage door spring and garage door cables work together

    The spring and the cables work together to support the function of the garage door.

    You can consider the cable and springs as extensions of one another.

    Without the other, expect a slower garage door or a door that doesn’t open at all.

    Torsion cables and torsion spring

    Torsion springs and torsion springs are directly on top of the garage door.

    The torsion springs are working with a cable drum on the side of the frame.

    The torsion cables run through the cable drum and help the torsion spring lift the door.

    Tension cables and tension springs

    The tension springs and tension cables are parallel to the garage door opener on both sides.

    They can also exist as a side-mounted spring on the sides of the garage door.

    Tension cables connect to the tension spring and stretch out to keep the garage door low.

    Safety cables

    There are safety cables that run through the tension springs.

    The purpose of the cables is to contain the spring in case it breaks its hold from the hook or the frame.

    You need to adjust this cable along with the springs.

    How you can adjust them

    You need to ensure that the springs and the cables are well-adjusted to leave out any loose space.

    Make two adjustments for each kind of spring—one for the spring and the other for their respective cables.

    Tension spring and cable adjustment

    1. Disconnect the garage door from the opener so you can open it fully.

    2. Open the garage door fully to rest on the overhead tracks and release the force from the tension springs.

    Hold the door in place by using locking pliers or clamps that keep it from sliding the tracks.

    3. Disconnect the spring hook from their respective brackets in the garage door frame.

    Use a wrench or pliers to loosen the nut and bolt that holds the hook in place.

    4. The garage door frame has many slots used to attach and hold parts of the garage door.

    Find a new spot in the frame you can put the hooks in.

    Remember, the farther away from the original slot the hook is, the tenser the spring becomes.

    5. There’s a safety cable that runs in between the tension cables.

    Tighten the cable following the reposition of the hook of the springs.

    Find a new slot to tie the cable bracket.

    Torsion spring and cable adjustment

    1. The torsion springs and cables have a slightly different adjustment method.

    Disconnect the garage door from the garage door opener.

    Keep the garage door by using clamps or locking pliers to keep it in place.

    2. Loosen the winding cone of the torsion spring.

    It is the cone at the end of the torsion spring that contains the last coil of the torsion spring.

    3. Adjust the force of the torsion spring by turning the winding cone up or down.

    Test the torsion spring adjustments by increasing in small increments.

    4. Stretch out the spring to a tight length.

    Do this by slowly moving the winding cone along the rod.

    Find a spot along the rod that gives you the most optimal force to lift and lower the garage door.

    5. Tighten the nuts along the winding cone in its new position.

    6. Find the cables and the cable drum and adjust them to a tighter hold along with their bracket.

    Pull them tightly through the bracket.

    Reposition the bracket to another slot in the frame so you can get a tighter hold on the garage door.

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