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    How to Fix a Dented Garage Door

    A garage door dent is one of the most annoying spots in the garage door.

    It’s a minor mishap in an otherwise perfect garage door panel.

    Though it’s unlikely that you will know precisely when the garage door dent appeared, you need to fix it in place.

    There are many tutorials you can check on how to fix a dented garage door.

    You won’t run out of methods to fix the unsightly part of the garage door.

    Don’t worry as you have an array of techniques to choose from that suit your current situation.

    Many solutions need some equipment and tools that may not be in your garage.

    There are other alternatives to choose from.

    If you don’t have the time to do this, professionals like us in Brigs Garage Doors are here to help you fix bigger dents.

    Prepare the dented area

    It’s best to prepare the area first before you choose a method that works.

    A clean dent is easier to repair.

    A dent with grime and dirt can hinder a flawless repair.

    Not to mention, it can make the task messy as well.

    Get your soap and some water and wash down the dented area.

    Don’t forget to do this on both sides of the garage door.

    Then, dry the garage door and the dented area you just washed.

    Methods to fix the dent

    The methods you can try at home are more manual dent repairs.

    Note that these methods of dealing with dents only work with minor dents.

    If you have a garage door dent with broken panels and crushed glass, it’s best to call us to help you fix it.

    Here at Brigs Garage Doors, we offer dent repair services for your garage door.

    Push back the dent

    The fastest way you can fix a dent is by pushing it back in place.

    If you’re dealing with more tender dents that are softer to work with, try pushing it back inside the garage door.

    It should give you a more flat look on the garage door.

    If the dent has a crack, don’t push the dent back in place.

    When the garage door uses wood material, there will be more damages.

    Seek professional services to inspect and repair the dent.

    Use a hammer or mallet

    Another thing you can do is use a small hammer or mallet.

    The hammer provides a stronger and more compact force to push back in the bigger dents.

    Use a flat block on the opposite side of the garage door.

    Hammer in the dent or use a mallet to push back the dent carefully.

    Remember to do this gently, so you don’t have a dent that goes to the other side of the garage door.

    Metal garage doors benefit more from this method as metal is more malleable to work around.

    Use a suction cup to fix the dent

    Another method is using the suction cup for the dent.

    Dents in metal garage doors respond best to this method.

    Use some hot water and pour it on the dent.

    Then use a suction device like a bathroom plunger to pull back the dent in place.

    Repeat this in several attempts until you get a flat garage door panel.

    This method of fixing dents is also popular among vehicles; it effectively erases dents in cars.

    Replace the garage door panel

    Sometimes, dents are too big to handle.

    The only reasonable thing is to invest in a replacement for a newer garage door panel.

    A new panel is how you can fix a dented garage door.

    When you need a replacement service, call us.

    We can work on taking the damaged panel out of the garage door.

    You won’t regret a replacement once you get the garage door back in its original condition.

    Do you need an expert dent repair service to fix the garage door panel? Book a job with our team so you can get a flawless garage door fast!

    A big dent is annoying to look at.

    Instead of having a flawless garage door, you have a bent spot that doesn’t look appealing to the property’s aesthetics.

    It’s time to fix the dented garage door panel.

    We are Brigs Garage Doors, and we offer dent repair services.

    Book a job with us to restore your garage door in its impeccable state.

    We are available all the time for urgent repairs and emergency services.

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