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    How To Fix Garage Door Cable

    The garage door cable is one of the least notable parts of the garage door.

    You won’t look at it most of the time as it is not in the most obvious place inside the garage.

    No matter how invisible the cable is, you will know when it’s broken.

    All garage door cables have an essential job.

    They support the garage door that can weigh up to 400 pounds in material.

    Without the cables, lifting mechanisms, and safety spring precautions won’t be possible.

    It’s crucial you know some ways on how to fix a garage door cable.

    When the time comes, and one of your cable lengths break, the garage door can be in jeopardy.

    It will be unsafe for anybody to stay and hang out in the garage.

    The broken cable will add a lot of stress and force to other parts of the system.

    It acts as a way to compensate for the weight of the garage door.

    Keep your cables in the best condition so you can have a garage door that opens in a level way.

    The last thing you want is the garage door falling apart with minimal support.

    Signs of broken garage door cable

    There are obvious signs of broken cable in the garage.

    If you haven’t seen a cable length on the garage floor yet, there are other symptoms of a broken cable.

    In these scenarios, urgent service is necessary to address the concern.

    Don’t do anything in your garage and call Brigs Garage Doors when this happens.

    Malfunctioning garage door

    When the garage door doesn’t open or close properly, one of the cables may have snapped.

    As a safety measure, you can’t open or close the garage door unless you repair the cables.

    Uneven garage door

    If a cable breaks on one side, the other side tends to make up for the door’s weight.

    You will notice an uneven door with one side raised higher than the other.

    Heavy garage door

    The function of the cables is to give support to the doors and the spring.

    Without the cable support, you will feel that the garage door is heavier than usual.

    Fast closing doors

    Cables also add to the tension and the torque the garage door springs use to lower the door.

    If the door closes too fast, one of the cables may not be giving the counter force that closes it smoothly.

    Noises and loud sounds in the garage

    A loud bang in the garage is a sure sign of snapping cables.

    Be careful while you’re dealing with the remnants of the damage.

    If you experience other symptoms of a broken cable in the garage, it’s best to call the professionals to fix it.

    Cables are very high-risk to your safety.

    A snapping cable can cause injuries to you, and it’s better to call us to attend to the emergency.

    What you can do about the broken cables

    A broken cable is a cable that doesn’t work.

    Please don’t attempt to fix it manually, as this can only give you a fragile cable prone to breaking sooner than you expect.

    The best option is to call Brigs Garage Doors to fix the problem.

    Cables need a special kind of training to make sure that nobody gets hurt.

    We know how to fix a garage door cable, and we are ready to help you at any time.

    Stay inside as we fix the cables in your garage.

    We will perform all the necessary adjustments and cable replacements to ensure that your garage door works perfectly.

    Broken cables are emergencies that need urgent service. Call us ASAP if one of your garage door cables!

    Emergencies are always unexpected, but we are always ready to give you the help you need.

    We have highly skilled professionals to handle an urgent matter like broken cables.

    The last thing you want to happen is for somebody to get hurt inside the garage.

    Avoid dangerous concerns like this and call us for help at once.

    We will be with you shortly.

    Brigs Garage Doors has emergency garage door technicians for emergency response situations.

    We have given garage door cable services to many homes and businesses around town.

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