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    The rollers of the garage door help provide smooth operation in the garage.

    When there is damage to the roller, or it has simply worn out, replacement is necessary.

    The last thing you want is to have a roller that doesn’t work properly.

    Additional damage to the tracks can result from impaired rollers.

    The door panels also don’t have the full hold it needs along the tracks of the garage.

    Weak hinges between the sectional panel and the roller lessen the support for a door with substantial weight.

    When you see the first sign of damages in the rollers, don’t wait long to book a replacement with our team.

    Here at Brigs Garage Doors, we provide garage door installation in Hamilton that includes individual parts of the entire mechanism.

    Our team of professional technicians can work with any part of the garage door from all brands in the market.

    You can count on us to give you the reliable service you need.

    If, on the other hand, you want to deal with things on your own first, there are methods on how to replace garage door rollers.

    Prepare yourself and your garage before you begin with the roller replacement.

    The key to a long-lasting roller is good installation replacement and regular maintenance repairs.

    We want you to have a safe door traveling up and down the tracks of your garage.

    Steps in roller replacement

    Before you set out to replace the old rollers, make sure to keep the replacement rollers ready.

    Don’t forget to buy the correct number of rollers for all the door panels.

    Missing door rollers can result in weaker door supports along the tracks.

    Step 1: Manually open the doors to the garage

    To replace the rollers freely, disengage the door from the opener.

    Each garage door has an emergency release that connects the top-most panel to the opener.

    Pull that tag or cord to disconnect from the opener.

    The emergency release allows you to lift the doors along the tracks freely without the opener working.

    Manually slide up the door panels toward the overhead door tracks.

    Don’t forget to turn off the opener before you start to replace the bottom rollers.

    Step 2: Bend the tracks

    It’s time to adjust the tracks to make room for the rollers.

    Take a pair of pliers and slightly bend a part of the track along its seams.

    It’s best to do this at a height slightly above your elbow level, so you are comfortable working with the tracks.

    A 90-degree bend in the seams of the track is enough to pull out the rollers freely.

    Don’t bend the seams too much so that it will cause a big warp on the track.

    Do this one side at a time to prevent the door from sliding out on both sides.

    Step 3: Replace the bottom rollers

    Slide down the panels slowly until the bottom rollers get into the bent part of the track.

    Using a flathead screwdriver, pry away the roller from the bent part.

    The door will pop out of the tracks, and you can now unscrew the nuts of the bottom rollers.

    Slide out the old bottom roller and secure the replacement.

    Push back the new rollers inside the bent part of the track using a hammer.

    It’s best to prepare the roller replacements on a nearby table to access the tools and new rollers.

    Step 4: Work from bottom to up for all roller replacements

    Do the replacement to all the rollers by sliding the garage door towards the same bend in the track.

    Consider the bent part of the track as the exit point of each roller.

    Slowly slide down the door panels and do the replacement of all the rollers.

    If you want smooth and synchronized rollers, apply lubricant to each new replacement every after attachment.

    The lubricating product will ease the rollers as you slide down the door panels further into the track.

    Repeat the steps to the other side of the track if you finish with your first half.

    Step 5: Tighten the tracks again and test

    After replacing all the rollers on one side, readjust the bent part of the track.

    Make sure to tighten the seams in place, so the rollers stay within the tracks.

    Use the pliers or a hammer and form the tracks originally in their starting shape.

    If the seams curve inward, curve the bend properly, so you don’t have rollers traveling through a loose track.

    Reconnect the garage door to the opener.

    Test out the smoothness of the new rollers and open the garage automatically.

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    Don’t worry, as our team has efficient ways on how to replace garage door rollers.

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