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    How to select garage door springs

    Selecting garage door springs contributes to the longevity of your garage door.

    Remember, the spring is responsible for supporting the garage door inside the garage.

    If you buy springs that aren’t compatible with the garage door’s weight, they will wear out faster than expected.

    Invest in good garage door springs, so you don’t need to keep replacing them.

    The long-run cost of selecting the proper spring outweighs the price of new replacements.

    On top of spending on the spring itself, you still have to consider the installation.

    The installation of the springs is a different expense that you need to add.

    Before you buy the spring for your garage door, there are aspects that you should consider.

    Think of this as the guide on how to select garage door springs for your garage door.

    When you come to a point where you need to buy the spring, you will know precisely what you are looking for.

    Determine the spring type of your garage door

    There are two kinds of garage door springs that you can choose from.

    Your garage door has specific springs in its mechanism.

    You should check the garage first before heading out to the store.

    Torsion spring

    The torsion springs are on top of the garage door.

    They are parallel to the lowered garage door, and it has winding drums on both sides.

    The winding drum and the torsion springs work with torque force to support the garage door.

    When the torsion spring uncoils, the door opens.

    Extension spring

    Extension springs are also known as tension springs.

    These springs are perpendicular or beside a closed garage door.

    Tension force supports the door, so expect a stretched-out spring when the garage door is down.

    Unlike the torsion spring’s work, an uncoiled tension spring results in an open door.

    Note the weight of the garage door

    By this point, you need to know the weight of the garage door.

    Check the manuals of the garage door to determine how heavy the door is.

    Though there are two types of garage door springs, they all vary depending on the weight that it supports.

    Each size variation of the spring type corresponds to a certain supported weight.

    If you choose a spring that is incapable of lifting the load, it will break faster.

    Measure the garage door springs

    There are several measurements you need to consider first.

    Get a measuring tape and a caliper to get the necessary measurements.

    Relax the spring first.

    Body length

    Using the tape measure, determine the body length of the spring.

    Measure end to end from the first coil to the last coil without including any hooks or loops.

    Wire size or wire thickness

    Get the wire size of the spring by getting the length of the first 20 coils of the spring.

    Then divide the number by 20, so you will get the thickness per coil.

    Inner diameter of the coil

    Get the inner diameter of the coil by placing the tape measure in the middle.

    Get the inside diameter measurement of the coil.

    Outer diameter of the coil

    Do the same with the inner diameter, but this time, including the outer ends.

    The outer diameter measurement of the coil should add a few mm to the inner diameter.

    Overall length

    Get the length of the spring by measuring it end to end.

    Include hooks and outer support loops, if there are any.

    To add accuracy, you can measure up to three times and get the average of the results.

    Don’t forget to use the same unit of measurement for all the lengths you will get.

    Select the proper spring

    Using the measurements that you got, you may now find the spring type and size that works for your garage door.

    There are many brands of garage door springs available.

    Also, garage door springs have different color types.

    Each color type corresponds to a specific weight range of the door.

    Talk to us!

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    Selecting the right garage door spring can make or break your garage door.

    Our team has given long-lasting recommendations on how to select garage door springs everywhere.

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