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    Insulated Garage Doors – Installation and Repairs

    A garage should be insulated in all corners, including the ceiling, walls, and most importantly, the garage door.

    There are many ways to insulate your garage to stabilize the temperature inside your house and garage and make it energy efficient.

    While you may not be spending too much time in your garage, you must insulate it to prevent your vehicles and belongings from damage due to frequent weather changes.

    You can also prevent heat and cold from escaping the garage door which results in a decreased energy bill.

    If you’re considering insulation to your garage door, you can consult Brigs Garage Doors to assist you. Call us how we can help you!

    But before anything else, here is a guide to know more about insulated garage doors – installation and repairs.

    How an Insulated Garage Door Works

    There are many types of insulated garage doors, namely, polystyrene and polyurethane, with various features.

    The brief description of each is as follows:

    1. Polystyrene Insulation

    This insulation type has a sturdy padding board along the inside of the overhead door, which insulates the garage.

    It is less expensive than polyurethane since it can be placed against the garage door’s outer portion layer.

    2. Polyurethane Insulation

    Also known as a sandwich door, polyurethane is an insulation foam inserted between the two layers of the garage door.

    The foam binds to the garage door’s material, whether it’s wood or steel, which acts as a glue.

    Because of how it is injected inside the garage door, it creates a rigid and robust structure for the garage door.

    It provides a high R-value, which indicates the level of insulation is provided.

    This means, a high rated R-value means it can provide more significant amounts of insulation.

    Depending on how you want the door to be insulated, you can either choose between the two.

    It will all come down to preference when choosing insulated garage doors.

    How is it Different from a Non-Insulated Garage Door?

    When looking from the garage door’s exterior, it’s hard to tell if it’s insulated or non-insulated since there is no difference in the appearance.

    However, the distinction is much clearer when you notice these effects with your garage door.

    Only then you’ll know that your garage door is insulated or not.

    Temperature: The heat or cold outside can seep through the garage door when it is not insulated.

    If you have been storing equipment that is vulnerable to weather changes, it might be bad news.

    With an insulated garage door, you don’t need to worry about drastic temperature changes in your garage and home as it will naturally regulate the temperature.

    Thus, it’s less likely for you to use either your air conditioner or heater.

    Noise Proof: The multi-layer panels on the insulated garage door will prevent you from experiencing rattling noise every time you use it.

    You can also detect minimal sound and vibrations from your noisy neighbor or the busy street using insulation.

    Because of this, you will enjoy a quiet and peaceful life despite having a noisy environment when you have an insulated garage door.

    Sturdiness: Non-insulated garage doors are thin.

    Hence they are prone to dents and damages.

    However, it’s the opposite for insulated ones.

    Even if a ball or bike has hit your garage door, it will be susceptible to damage.

     When to Call for Insulated Garage Doors – Installation and Repairs

    As durable as insulated garage doors, they are still prone to damage over time.

    Regardless of the reason, this type of garage door will even break, especially for the parts.

    The operation is still very much the same as a standard garage door.

    With this, it’s best to ask help from a garage door repair service in Hamilton to assist you.

    The Garage Door’s Operation is Noisy: This can be due to a lack of lubrication of the parts or an off-balanced garage door.

    It’s best to check the issue with an expert to make sure it is not severe.

    The Sensors are Malfunctioning: If you find the auto-reverse feature of your garage door malfunctioning, the sensors might be the culprit.

    A faulty auto-reverse mechanism indicates danger to you, your family, or even your pets.

    The technicians in Brigs Garage Doors will inspect them and determine the best course of action.

    The Garage Door is Moving Inconsistently: This issue is most likely due to broken springs and cables.

    If you’ve been experiencing this, Brigs Garage Doors will fix the cause of the problem.

    How To Get Started on Insulated Garage Doors – Installation and Repairs

    Whether you need an insulated garage door replacement, installation or repairs, count on us to serve you any time of the day.

    Insulated garage doors are highly convenient and offer many benefits.

    Hence, it is a valuable investment.

    Call our team now and receive the best installation and repair in Hamilton!

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