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    Garage Door Springs Replacement

    Need a Spring Replacement Service on Your Garage Door?

    Does your garage door seem like carrying a heavy weight during opening? Does it stop midway? Then, your springs are in some sort of trouble.

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    Extension and torsion springs need to be in their best condition to resist forces. Snapping and loosening are signs that your springs are experiencing issues.

    A damaged or broken garage door spring can cause damages to both human life and property. Springs function as a counterbalance. So, any issue in the spring is dangerous.

    Scheduling a yearly inspection and maintenance can help you enhance spring functions. Partnering with Brigs Garage Doors is the first step to keep your springs well checked.

    If you live in Hamilton, Burlington, and Brantford, our services are yours to enjoy. Call our team and we will deal with the spring issue right away.

    Garage Door Spring Replacement: Safety Precautions To Remember

    Dealing with any kind of repair requires top-notch attention to safety and security. Garage door spring repair and installation is a very dangerous task.

    Springs are subject to different kinds of forces. Thus, repairing the springs needs excellent concentration skills. Use a well-built ladder and level it securely on the floor.

    Moreover, gloves and glasses are a must-have item during any repair. DIY repair and installation needs vast knowledge on repair itself. It is advisable to have an assistant for people who have lower body strength.

    We at Brigs Garage Doors commit to a safe and reliable working pace. We ensure safety and follow the right procedures. You can call our customer service and our repair team will be on the way to fix your springs.

    Extension Spring Repair Guide

    Extension springs are thin springs in parallel with the floor. They are long and store energy for bending when the door moves.

    Extension springs have different types. It can be double-looped, clipped-end, or an open-looped spring. Here is some guide you can follow if you want to do some DIY repair.

    1. Remove all the tension springs as well as the clamps after leaving the door open. Place the removed parts in a safe location. Put placement marks on the removed items to keep everything in order.
    2. Detached the extension springs carefully. Disconnect it from the truck drum and spring pulley properly.
    3. Secure a safety cable to keep the spring in place.
    4. Slowly detach the safety cable and place the newly brought extension spring.
    5. Choose the right spring material. Remember to use the right model to have its function right.
    6. Attach the safety cable again and place the new extension springs on the track bracket.
    7. Remove the safety cable and ensure that it is properly disconnected from the pulley.
    8. Connect the clamps and springs before attaching the garage door opening.
    9. Test the garage door.

    Torsion Spring Repair Guide

    Torsion springs vary in size, strength and weight. These springs are within the metal shaft enclosed by an aluminum drum.

    Torsion springs come in different types. It can be a standard one, early-set, steel-rolling door, or a torque-master spring.

    Garage door repair and replacement on torsion springs is a hard job to do. It is best to connect with our team to have your springs repaired. If you want to do the repair, then follow these guides below.

    1. Turn-off the door opener and place clamps on the doors to avoid sudden movements.
    2. Use a sturdy ladder to ensure your safety when climbing. Place a winding bar on the winding cone to avoid any movement on the springs. Also place a metal bar on the door to keep it from moving.
    3. Insert a new winding bar right after the first one.
    4. Attach the winding bar number 2 on the garage door. Follow this with removing the first one. Repeat guides number 1 to 4 to help in unwinding the torsion springs.
    5. Remove the torsion springs, aluminum drums and the metal shaft carefully.
    6. Use the correct type and model of spring used. Also, remember the number of windings experienced by the bar for reattaching purposes.
    7. Place the new torsion spring on the shaft and attach the aluminum drum correctly.
    8. Check the placement of springs and ensure that the forces exerted on the springs are equal.
    9. Wind the springs until it settles. Use the number of winding cycles experienced during the dismantling process. Make sure to leave the winding bar on the winding during the process.
    10. Use a hammer and tap bar. Make sure that the bar reaches a ¼ inch length.
    11. Connect the screw right. Moreover, lubricate the torsion springs to avoid wear and tear.
    12. Inspect the newly attached spring by lifting it. If the garage door stays unmoved then the whole replacement process is a success.

    Who to call during torsion spring issues?

    You might be wondering how to call during torsion spring issues? The right way to do it is to connect with the experts from Brigs Garage Doors.

    We have a perfect repair team that can do torsion spring replacement at a well-paced speed. Moreover, we use the latest tools and equipment to keep your springs on track.

    Torsion spring replacement needs an immense amount of effort and expert care. Partnering with us will ease all your troubles.

    We have garage door repair and replacement services that can solve any of your garage issues. If you live in Hamilton, Burlington and Brantford, then call us during your spring issues.

    Homeowners keep their valuables like cars and sport equipment inside the garage. Garage serves as the storage that needs tight security. Keeping all its components checked is a secret to have a well-functioning garage door.

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