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    Garage Door Track Adjustment & Replacement

    Looking for a garage door track adjustment and tune-up service?

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    An off-tracked garage door is very stressful. Misaligned tracks need attention right away. Delaying it will cause serious problems in the long run.

    Repairing or replacing tracks depends on the cause of the issue. It can be the rubbing, its binding, the gaps or due to the molding.

    At Brigs Garage Doors, we focus on fixing the problem. We also check other parts before concluding our work. We commit to do the job right and have your garage work efficiently.

    If you live in Hamilton, Burlington or in Brantford, our garage door replacement and repair services are yours to enjoy. Call our team and we will deal with it right away.

    Reasons why your Doors make Troubles

    A garage door that is out of alignment imposes danger to property and human life. If the tracks are off-balance, it can fall-off anytime without prior notice.

    Moreover, jammed doors can cause delays and disruption of works. Even worse, door issues can attract burglars and thieves alike.

    In short, problems on the door tracks can impose different accidents.

    Here are some reasons why it fails to function:

    • Doors kept on rubbing on the stop molding.
    • Doors find it hard to move or maneuver because of the binding.
    • Large gaps and dents can stop its function.
    • Crooked, damaged or mis-aligned doors.

    Fixing door tracks are easy if handled with care. Of course, having a professional do the job will ease all your worries. Call our team if you want a garage door track adjustment and replacement services.

    Rubbing and Gapping Door Issues

    There are several reasons about why the doors rub themselves with the molding. Yet, any rubbing issues can lead to worse garage door troubles.

    Use a wrench to solve the issue on the tracks. Disconnect the bolts from the tracks that secure the lower tracks.

    Make sure to have at least a ¼ inch gap between tracks to let your tracks breathe. Move the tracks left and right after securing the normal gap spaces needed. Repeat the process on the other side.

    Make sure to tighten the bolts back to avoid sudden fall out of the tracks. Keep everything checked before proceeding.

    Binding Garage Door Troubles

    A binded door can cause doors to not move up and down when needed. Too much binding will shut the door making it impossible to do anything.

    Loosen the screws in the tracks by using a screwdriver. Tap the bottom track gently using a rubber mallet. This process will correct the alignment. Use a level to check the alignment.

    After alignment, tighten the screws back into the track. Make sure that the screws are tightly attached. Also, repeat the process  to align the other side.

    Worn-out Track Door Materials

    The type of track material used is vital in determining how long it can last. Moreover, tracks made from wood will decay in the long run. Also, metal tracks are subject to wear, tears and rust.

    Replacing worn-out tracks can be dangerous. Leaving the job to the experts will avoid damages on the track and to you as well. Call our team if you want to have your tracks changed.

    We will check the hinges and springs to make sure that it is safe after the repair. Moreover, we inspect other parts to make sure that everything is functioning right.

    Off-Balanced, Crooked or Damaged Door

    An off-balanced, crooked or damaged door is dangerous to both the property and human life. Immediate repair or replacement to it will reduce the changes of danger.

    Checking the condition of the cables and springs will help you avoid issues. If you see some issues, repair or replace immediately. If the job is too tedious for you, call us and we’ll do it for you.

    Worn-out tracks need attention right away. Calling an expert from Brigs will ensure safety and enhance its function. Also, remember to lubricate the tracks from time to time to avoid wear and tear.

    Fix Garage Door Track Issues and Call Brigs Garage Doors

    Now, you know how to fix simple track issues. If things get out of hand, call Brigs Garage Doors and let us deal with the problem.

    There are track issues that are dangerous and need professional care. So leaving it to us will help you save a few bucks. In the event of garage door track adjustment and replacement, call us and we will do the necessary steps to fix it.

    If you need expert care, then you are in the right direction. Brigs will never settle for less but aims to have your tracks repaired on time. Experience our services and call us anytime.

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