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    Well-functioning overhead doors make our lives easier and convenient. Because of the modern models, you can operate the garage door without manually opening or closing it. Hence, it is a wonderful piece of equipment that is worth investing in.

    However, most homeowners in Stoney Creek don’t even bother to look at their garage doors until they use them. Because of this, it can cause injuries and accidents when they malfunction.

    Like any equipment, they should be well-maintained and repaired to prevent significant problems due to frequent use.

    If damage occurs to the garage door, don’t hesitate to seek help from a garage door repair in Stoney Creek. With professionals, you can guarantee a high-quality service that is undoubtedly worth the cost.

    Why a Professional Garage Door Service is Better than DIY

    A DIY overhead door repair is risky because of the weight the doors carry. Overhead doors consist of moving parts and hardware that are crucial for their movement.

    Without the right training and experience, there’s no guarantee that you can fix your garage door safely and correctly.

    If a spring snaps, it might call for a professional garage door spring replacement rather than a DIY since the damage can harm you and your loved ones.

    Seeking help from a residential and commercial garage door service will save you from expensive costs. Why?

    Professionals make sure that the repairs are done correctly to prevent future repairs from happening. They even offer you a warranty to ensure that the service they give is guaranteed. Hence, don’t worry about the need for repairs any time soon.

    However, there are things that you can do by yourself, such as lubricating the parts and testing the features to make sure everything is working well.

    Once you detect something is wrong with one of the garage door parts, hire a professional garage door repair in Stoney Creek to assist you.

    Different Garage Door Issues that Require a Professional Garage Door Repair in Stoney Creek

    Certified technicians are trained to handle all different garage door problems, from fixing garage door openers to replacement parts, adjustments, and tune-ups.

    Different issues require a garage door expert – for example if the door is off-track or the garage door opener stops working.

    In essence, once you detect even the smallest issue with your garage door, hire a professional to fix it to prevent developing into more significant problems.

    Here are some common problems with garage doors that require you to call a garage door repair in Stoney Creek rather than solving them on your own:

    The Garage Door is Noisy

    Most overhead doors produce almost quiet sound when they operate. But when you begin to hear noisy sounds such as popping, vibrating, squeaking, or rattling, they indicate many problems.

    These problems may be from hardware parts that need lubrication or an off-track door. It’s best to check this issue with a garage door repair in Stoney Creek to ensure it is not a significant issue.

    Sensors are Malfunctioning

    When you see your garage door is closing despite an object along the door’s path, there might be problems with the sensors. The sensors might be misaligned, dirty, or faulty.

    Problems in auto-reversing the garage door poses a risk to your loved ones and even your belongings. When you seek help from professionals, they will tell if the sensors need cleaning, realignment, or a replacement.

    There are Dents and Cracks on the Garage Door’s Surface

    If you have previously bumped your garage door with the car or have a wooden door, the chances are high for breaking.

    While you can fix small dents on your own, larger ones might need professional help. Depending on the severity of the damage, the garage door might need a repair or a replacement.

    The Garage Door is Moving Abnormally

    If you find your garage door moving too fast or moving unevenly, there must be problems with the springs, cables, and chains.

    When you encounter this problem, we recommend contacting Brigs Garage Doors immediately. Attempting to repair the mentioned moving parts will lead to severe injury.

    The Garage Door Opener Remote is Malfunctioning

    Don’t panic if the remote is not working anymore. You can either replace the battery or buy a new remote.

    You can consult a garage door service to help you choose the most suitable remote for your garage door. In this way, you’ll be able to secure your home.

    Garage Door Repairs in Stoney Creek: Brigs Garage Doors

    It’s better to be safe when it comes to malfunctioning overhead doors. Request a professional garage door service from Brigs Garage Doors to save you from hassle, time, and money.

    Moreover, these are the services we provide in Stoney Creek, and other areas in GTA:

    • Garage Door Spring Replacement
    • Track Adjustment and Replacement
    • Rollers Repair and Replacement
    • Panel Replacement
    • Sensor Alignment
    • Garage Door Opener Replacement and Repair
    • Cable Repair and Replacement
    • Garage Door Installation
    • Garage Door Maintenance and Tune-up
    • And more!

    Call our team and receive our high-caliber services!

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